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Macrodosing Basics

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What happens in a high dose psychedelic mushroom or truffle experience?

… and why does it feel so good?

A psychedelic experience is like a journey through your mind. Much like an actual vacation, it can restore a sense of wonder and appreciation for life.

For a few hours, it allows us to break out of the mold and proves to us that in fact, it’s all still there: The boundless creativity that we had as kids, the sense of rapture, of infinite potential – and love.

This experience is liberating and to many people, the memory is a source of sheer joy that sticks with them for years to come, if not a lifetime. It does not just reveal to an individual their true nature, but also points out exactly what mental blockade kept them from feeling whole.

A psychedelic journey is therefore often accompanied by intense emotions that can be experienced, lived through and made peace with in just a few hours time.

That is in essence the meaning of the word psychedelic, from greek “psyche” = soul, “delos” = revealing. A psychedelic substance is one that reveals the soul to the user and makes it clear beyond the shadow of a doubt, that there’s more to them.

Essential preparation

The flow and outcome of a psychedelic journey are largely determined by two factors that are known as Set and Setting.

The “Set” describes your mindset, including your expectations and attitude, but also memories, mood and personality. The set is unique to you.

The “Setting” describes your surroundings, where you are, who else is there and what’s going on around you.

Psychedelics are unique in many ways; They don’t dull your senses, but enhance them. Colors are more vibrant, your skin becomes more sensitive and you can detect smells you would otherwise be unaware of. You perceive everything more intensely, both sensations from the outside and from within.

That’s why the search for the right Set and Setting is essential.

What to watch out for

The toxicity of magic truffles is so low, you could eat your own body weight in truffles and wouldn’t even be close to a lethal overdose. Simply put; they are chemically safe.

What’s more, psilocybin has anti-addictive qualities, making it impossible to become physically or mentally dependent.

The fungus as such is safe, so the only thing that can go wrong is how you handle it.

It is unwise to go into a psychedelic journey unprepared.



  • someone watching over you (Either a “Tripsitter” or an experienced travel companion)
  • natural light
  • comfy clothing

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psychedelic mushroom trip set and setting, psilocybin truffles and mushrooms macrodosing, provithor

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