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Set & Setting of a psychedelic experience

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Keynotes of this article:

1. Mushrooms, or Truffles

If you are planning a trip, you’ll first need to choose which form of fungus to consume: Would you like your magic to come in the form of a mushroom, or a truffle?

If you need help with this decision, please check out our article on this matter!

The right dosage is also super important.

Take into consideration:

  • Your body weight
  • How much and what you’ve eaten (fatty foods especially)
  • Your sensitivity to stimulants
  • What else you consume (medications, nicotine, etc.)
  • How far into your mind you want to go
  • Your level of experience

Sobriety and an empty stomach are the best way to go.

On a final note, please be aware that some medication may have counterindications and should not be combined with psychedelics!
Especially patients who take psycho-pharmaceuticals should consult a physician first, if they plan on undertaking a high dose experience.

2. Safe space

A safe environment is mandatory. This means logistically safe (e.g. no ledges to fall off of, no traffic to wander into), but also socially safe.

Could you laugh out loud without alarming the neighbors? Could you take of your shirt and do an exhuberant little dance? If not, keep looking.

Whether you want to be indoors or outdoors is up to you.
Closed rooms have the advantage that they are easy to control and a nice option if you want to do an inward-focused journey, with your eyes closed.

The outdoors is less controllable, but nature can be infinitely more stimulating than closed rooms. There is general consensus in the psychedelic community that “nature feels amazing”.

It may simply require a little extra preparation, like spare clothing, a blanket, something to provide shade and a solution for the insect problem. Do not underestimate the insect problem, it is never easy to relax with mosquitoes by your ear.

3. Free time

And this really means free. You should plan your day so that you have at least 6 hours completely to yourself and ideally, nothing important to do afterwards.

You’ll want your phone on airplane mode, your family away or aware enough of your plans not to disturb you and no other sources of distraction around.

Also keep in mind that you’ll likely want to rest in the aftermath and should not be anywhere near traffic, let alone in the thick of it, until the next day.

4. Sobriety

Before you embark on your journey, a bit of abstinence is part of the deal.

This has nothing to do with etiquette or self-chastisement, but everything with what can and will influence your experience negatively.

24h before the experience, we heavily recommend avoiding:

  • Alcohol and excessive smoking
  • other strongly mindaltering substances
  • eating sea food
  • sickness (don’t do it if you’re not well!)
  • overstimulation

Also avoid if you can:

  • eating (especially greasy food)
  • caffeine
  • electronic entertainment
  • strong negative emotion (avoid fighting, with others or yourself)
  • excessive perfume/deodorant/after shave

Things that you take in stride in a normal mode of being may suddenly start bothering you immensely in states of heightened awareness. Even scented candles can be too much and your favourite song can become a real nuisance when it shanghais your brain for six hours.

5. Perspective

What if it’s not all bliss and awe?
For these moments, it is helpful to remember two things:

1. Forward is the way through, resistance causes pain.

You may have moments of “Oh no, let’s not go there. That’s not me.”

This is a good moment to remember that yes, this is you. All that you encounter has to do with you. Face what your unconscious has in stock for you, it can only make you stronger.

2. It will end after 6 hours.

Never has anyone managed to “remain stuck” in a psilocybin trip.
While this is a common fear when it comes to psychedelics, the phenomenon has not been reported to occur with natural psilocybin fungi.

What you are experiencing is temporary and only the memory will remain. It may be a happy memory that brightens up your day, or a complicated one, that will tell you a lot about who you are and what’s holding you back.

6. Persistence

This last point concerns the aftermath of your session.

When you’ve gone through something potentially life transforming, the first impulse is often, to shout it from the rooftops.

But in order for this potential to manifest itself in your actual life, the most important person to inform about the experience is yourself.

The common expression for this stage is “integration”: Putting your newly found wisdom to use.

This may be through journalling, creative expression, or even just intense recalling before sleep. You might even want to go deeper and bring a coach on board to help you decrypt what you haven’t understood yet.

If you just wanted a fun afternoon, fair enough.
But if you want anything more out of the experience than a story to tell your friends, it is good practice to try and express as much of what has happened to you in a sober state.

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