Mushrooms or Truffles?

How much?

Please be aware that the impact of psychedelics always depend immensely on your state of mind and body. Every detail matters, down to how greasy a snack you may have eaten beforehand and how well you chew your mushrooms/truffles.

magic truffles (fresh)magic mushrooms (dry)
small trip3-5g1-1.5g
medium trip5-10g1.5-3g
hero’s dose10-20g3-5g
microdose (subperceptual)1g0.1-0.2g
magic mushrooms provithor, psychedelic mushrooms containing psilocybin

About magic mushrooms:

You can grow your own mushrooms just fine, but you cannot buy them directly (unless you know a guy who knows a guy…)
The most dangerous aspect of magic mushrooms is the risk of getting your hands on the wrong product. Although, if you happen to be a mushroom savant, you can go pick them yourself in the wild.

The easiest, safest and most interesting method is however, to grow them yourself.
You can either do this spore to mushroom, which can take up to two months, or choose a growbox. Following the instructions, you can watch your mushrooms grow and harvest them within about 2-3 weeks.

Most people choose to dry them after the harvest.
Please note that the tricky thing about mushrooms is, that their potency can vary a great deal. For example, you might order a box and notice that the second flush yields much stronger mushrooms than the first.
If you want to avoid this, we recommend you harvest all the flushes your growkit will yield and grind up all the dried mushrooms in a coffee grinder, mixing them well. This way, you know that 3g this time will be just as strong as 3g in a month, and so on.

magic truffles microdosing, provithor

About magic truffles:

The great up side of truffles is, that they are super predictable. Their potency is steadily the same, so that any two truffles of equal size and freshness are pretty much equally strong.

The fresher the truffles, the stronger their effects, but also the less disgusting they taste.
Yes, the unfortunate truth is, psychedelic truffles aren’t delicious, but the few minutes of chewing are generally worth it. They taste a bit like walnuts with lemon juice, but the older they are, the more it metallic the taste becomes.

The easiest solution here is, to harvest your own truffles. That takes 2-5 minutes during which you seperate them from their growing substrate and then wash off the remaining crumbs.
Then you’re ready to go.

For a full-blown psychedelic trip, you’ll need about 10-30g of fresh magic truffles.

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psychedelic mushroom trip set and setting, psilocybin truffles and mushrooms macrodosing, provithor
psychedelic mushroom macrodosing, psilocybin truffles and mushrooms macrodosing, provithor

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