B2B dropshipping

Create your own online shop for Magic Truffles and start selling!

Set up your own e-commerce and brand, without concerns about local legality or logistics. We explain how it works, step by step!

FYI: The legality of Magic Truffles

In 2019, the Netherlands officially legalized Magic Truffles as luxury food.
While pure Psilocybin and Magic Mushrooms, are both illegal in the Netherlands, truffles are not. The Dutch Belastingdienst explicitly mentions in the declaration that “in opposite to the forbidden Magic Mushrooms, Magic Truffles are a luxury food”.

That means that just because Psilocybin and maybe even Magic Mushrooms are illegal in your country, that does not mean that Magic Truffles are as well!
This often used analogy has been proven wrong by the Dutch government September 13th, 2019. Magic Truffles are much safer to use than Magic Mushrooms and surely much safer than the pure substance, which has been banned everywhere in the world since 1971 (except Jamaica that explicitly invites businesses to produce and experiement with the pure psilocybin for the benefit of the population).

Why are Magic Mushrooms such a problem?

If Magic Mushrooms didn’t work “wonders” against many mental illnesses, nobody would have bothered banning them. But speaking of wonders: Imagine living in a society where Vitamin C is banned and everyone has scurvy.
Pharmaceutical companies would make a fortune with expensive drugs full of side effects, fighting the “various diseases of the poor sick people”. Then, someone starts to trade oranges – not drugs or medication, but natural fruit.
People eat them and get better – Sounds great, right? Just not for everyone.

The pharmaceutical industry likes money. So they would use their financial power and political influence to scare people with fabricated horror stories and then miss-use the created news to have politicians to ban oranges. If you’re new to the concept, try looking up “Reefer Madness”.
This is called lobbying. It happens all the time, not just with Magic Mushrooms!

In this analogy, magic truffles are another kind of fruit, that is not only not banned, but finally explicitly legalized as “Luxury food“. This is food that is consumed for its pleasant effects (and has a high VAT), but it’s nevertheless food.
Magic Truffles are non-addictive and do not pose any danger to health, neither mental nor phsyical. They’re also highly predictable, as all truffles are nearly the same in potency.

How can such an organism be banned at all?
Again, the catchword is lobbying.

Who is pushing the buttons of the drug war?

While Big Pharma is interested in maintaining the status quo and selling legal drugs, there is another party that needs the war on drugs to continue; the drug cartels. Criminal organizations that traffic illegal substances are 100% dependent on the fact that their product remains illegal. If you could get all your drugs in the pharmacy, one of the world’s most lucrative industries would slip from their control. The stakes are high.

Besides, secret services use illegal drugs to finance illegal undercover actions. This has been a known fact since the 60’s. The drug war wasn’t started to protect your health. It gives the masses something to fear and the government something to persecute people for, It protects the business of cartels and secret services – at the expense of your health. The result is a lot of suffering and death for the many, but profit for the chosen few.

All three fronts, big pharma, cartels and secret services, have a strong interest in keeping Magic Truffles and all other plant medicines taboo. They curb addiction and make a lot of psychotropic medication obsolete. These players don’t even need them to be illegal – it is enough to make people THINK they are illegal and dangerous “because they contain psilocybin, which is banned by the 1971 UN treaty”.

This narrative has been going on for 50 years and is deeply engrained in the heads of police officers, customs workers, judges and persecutors – and especially fake news media, which subsists on lies and scandals.
Even informed consumers usually prefer to have their natural remedy seized and pay a small fee, rather than take the issue to court, knowing that it would cost them so much time and energy that it’s not worth it.

And here’s the solution for you.

This whole situation changes with scale. The official legality of Magic Truffles now allows us, the truffle advocates, to work with online-resellers, who can work in complete anonymity, earn money and be safe, no matter where they live. As the understanding of the benefits of magic truffles grows, so does the market.

Come join the Magic Truffle business

We want to encourage you to set up a webshop, accept cryptos and let us do the dropshipping for you.
We ship perfectly neutral to make sure our shipments reach your customers around the world. To your customers it will appear as though only you interact with them.
On the other hand, if law enforcement follow the legal information on the label to see who did the shipping, they would find us – not you. Remember, we are working on a 100% legal base, so there is no legal objection to collaborating with us.


As long as no country has explicitly banned Magic Truffles, we ship everywhere. If any country decides to ban magic truffles, we will demand proof of their harmful nature. No country can arbitrarily ban a European food product without scientific proof that it’s a threat to people’s health.
Again, the re-interpretation of the law against psilocybin won’t do the trick, because the categorization as luxury food is in place. Pure Psilocybin is illegal in the Netherlands, too! But that does NOT make the truffles illegal as well: they are living 100% natural organisms, no “pure substance”.

So, ProviThor now offers dropshipping for magic truffles, for every reseller, worldwide. This way, you can be an active part of the psychedelic renaissance without leaving the comfort of your home, or putting yourself at risk.
And as soon as your country openly confirms the legality and attaches some VAT to it, you can switch your shop to a real reseller and locally ship the product to your customers, to make the delivery times as short as possible.


Our dropshipping works with crypto-payment only and offers you the possibility to start selling Magic Truffles, where ever you are located, without the need of anything more than a computer and internet. You can work in a fully anonymous way, if you like to. If the receiver of your parcels is inside the EU, we must charge 21% VAT – until June 30th, 2021. From July 1st, 2021, we need to pay the VAT of the EU-country the parcel is delivered to!

If and where you register your business is up to you and not our concern.
We will operate with your Email and Hash ID, to make sure that you receive all the tracking information and can pass them to your customers. We will not contact your customers, all communication is up to you.
Your Hash ID will allow us to offer you a discount, according to the amount of orders you register and pay for within the last 30 days.

And this is how it works:

First, you need to collect orders. You can set up a shop, create order-groups or use whatever ways you find appropriate to receive orders for Magic Truffles. We recommend that you collect payments for Magic Truffles in crypto-currency. This guarantees an unmatched degree of privacy and is a good tool for your customers to learn about. You will set up your products yourself, we offer a wide variety of products and you can make your own brand and virtual packaging.

Once you have collected at least one order, you create a CSV file with all orders you have and upload it into our system, or enter them into our system manuall. You then pay for your “mass-order” (the more, the cheaper) with cryptocurrency. This way, you determine your own margin.

Next, we ship all orders in a 100% neutral way to your customers, not revealing any information about the goods in or on the parcel. We do not steal your customer’s data and will send all the tracking-links for the orders to your e-mail. You can then forward them to your customers so they see the tracking info and can expect and re-direct their parcel, if necessary. All our parcels will be delivered by the local national post service.

If a parcel should return to us, (e.g. because the customer didn’t accept it on time), you will be notified. The returned good’s value will be discounted on the next invoice. The shipping price won’t be returned.

Some information about countries:

We wish to cooperate with online-resellers in the EU and especially the eastern EU-countries. The “single market principle” and fast delivery times make the EU our preferred market. We deliver to the UK, while not part of the EU, likewise to Switzerland in the same speed like to most EU countries.
European non-EU-countries have mostly the same shipping conditions as EU-countries – just no VAT is charged!

Shipping to USA takes 2-5 weeks, while during corona we experienced 6 weeks and more, as well. The USA have never banned Magic Sclerotia, and some places have even decriminalized Magic Mushrooms. US-Americans deserve to be treated with the same courtesy as Europeans and should not be excluded from receiving Magic Truffles. Thus, we are happy about every online-reseller from the USA.

Australia is even worse than the USA in terms of respecting basic human rights and compliance to UN-treaties and disguising the truth. Shipping times are longer and people are even more scared to use natural organisms to become more healthy and less addicted. We are thankful for every Australian online-reseller participating on this program to spread Magic Truffles.

We can deliver to Israel and the north African countries with Track & Trace, but the rest of Africa, including South Africa only accept Track & Traceless shipping, without any guarantee of arrival.

Asia and South Ameria usually work with track & trace, while due to EU-sanctions against Russia, we are not allowed to deliver luxury food to Russia.

Our offer:

We offer 15g and 20g live truffles in ziplock bags of 8 magic truffle varieties, marked with a symbol of your choice, for your customer to identify the respective bag. And 10 x1g truffles for microdosing in vacuumed bags.
We offer a 0.5ml measuring spoons for microdosing portions, to be used with the varieties Freya and Fenris (small truffles) – with a drying bag to make the truffles durable!
All truffles are likewise usable for microdosing and highdosing concerning the active substance, but the smallest truffles are most easy to make portions of without a scale. Plus, air-dried truffles are very hard and the larger varieties are difficult to crack after drying. They dry easily and othout any technical tools inside the drying bags within 2-3 days when stored at a dry place (can be warm), like a normal living room.

The living fresh truffles in the ziplock bags grow mycelium, as they are alive. That is the “Magic Mold”, a white fluff coming out of the truffles that are giant vital spores! This Magic Mold can be eaten and is a sign of living potent truffles! When using Magic Truffles for high dosing, chew them very long and well, some minutes. The alive truffles taste better than vacuumed but with potato chips or roasted nuts the taste can be further improved.

To go to the order-screen, input your e-mail and, if you have one, your Hash ID. If you have none, it will be send to your email immediately. There is NO further registration necessary to become an online Magic Truffle reseller!


In case that you have more questions questions, please contact us: