How to cultivate magic mushrooms at home

How to cultivate magic mushrooms at home

Cultivating your own mushrooms sounds like a far out dream.

But in reality, it is easy to do, super rewarding and will set you free in your spiritual journeys forever.

Once you manage it, you will need nothing but your kitchen and a few cheap local ingredients to create infinite amounts of mushrooms, indefinitely.


What you need

All you need is a source of heat to create sterility, a few household items and some magic mushroom spores.

With these ingredients you can make magic mushrooms grow on rice from your kitchen within a few weeks. Yes, it's that simple.

 Though if you want to be effective and grow a lot of mushrooms, check out our extensive guide on how to grow mushrooms at home:

Unstoppable Mushrooms


Why start cultivating

1) Cultivating your own mushrooms is infinitely cheaper and safer than trying to buy them. 

2) Your own mushrooms are always going to feel superior to those out of a commercial growkit.

Trying to raise mushroom grow kits is a lot of fun if it works as expected. However, it doesn't always work perfectly.
Staring at a growbox that didn't do what you wanted it to and having no idea what is going on is much less fun than actually understanding the conditions that get mushroms to grow.

3) Growing mushrooms will change your perspective on them and help you develop a deeper appreciation for them.

4) You'll be able to keep your cultivation running using just local supplies, not needing to order stuff on the internet ever again.

5) Cultivating mushrooms is a skill for life.

You can use the knowledge you gain to cultivate a wide variety of edible and medicinal mushrooms.

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