Magic Mushroom Home Growing Guide

Are you planning to grow your own Magic Mushrooms? This guide is for you!

We provide you with all the necessary information to help you find the best option.

1. Grow your own Magic Mushrooms for FREE:

Download our FREE e-book, Unstoppable Mushrooms, which guides through the process step-by-step. Now, all you need is to get mushrooms spores or fresh mushrooms (which have spores inside the caps) from a friend  or someone who has been cultivating mushrooms. Or "simply" look for and pick these magical mushrooms in nature. Luckily, mushrooms grow naturally in most areas of the world. This website even has a long and detailed list of areas where active species occur.

2. The most popular and comfortable option where the "success" is guaranteed:

The Bluestem™ growbag which can be ordered directly from the ProviThor Smarthop makes growing magic mushrooms at home extremely easy. This growbag is suitable for anyone who wants to start growing their own mushrooms. Please download our resourceful ebook which explains all the necessary steps you need to take to be able to harvest your own Magic Mushrooms and/or Magic Truffles. You can even use the fresh mushrooms caps from the Bluestem™ growbag to inoculate new spawn, as described in the Unstoppable Musrooms ebook! By using Bluestem™ growbags you won't need any additional tools to grow perfect mushrooms.

3. The durable grow product:

The instant substrate bag and nutrient are durable and can be started at any time, without the need for cooling. If you don't want to start growing right away, the kit can be kept for months before use. All that is required to begin growing is one spore vial and two syringes with cannulas, which can be obtained at any pharmacy. While this option requires more work than growing with the Bluestem™ growbag. It does not require any additional tools other than a cooker. All the necessary products can be purchased from the ProviThor Smartshop.

4. The traditional grow kits:

Do you like challenges? We offer the traditional magic mushroom grow kits for more experienced growers. These kits aren't for everyone and there are a few risk factors to take into account. Long shipping times (remember we ship worldwide) can damage it. Often a contamination destroys it before the growing even starts and we cannot secure warranty for the buyer. These grow kits need a lot of packaging material to prevent damage during shipping. While traditional grow kits can be an option for some, at ProviThor we recommend you to consider the Bluestem™ growbag if you want to grow your own magic mushrooms with the least effort and the highest success rates. 


We highly recommend you to download the Unstoppable Mushrooms (it's  free) from our webshop before start growing mushrooms for your own use. If you need more information or have any additional questions, please reach out to us. We are happy to answer all mushroom grow related questions!