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10 x 1g Fresh Microdosing (Magic Truffles)

10 x 1g Fresh Microdosing (Magic Truffles)

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10 portions of 1g vacuum-sealed magic truffles for Microdosing

Microdosing is the regular intake of miniscule amounts of a psychedelic substance. This keeps the user sober and fully capable, while improving mood, feeding the brain and improving its activity over time.


- 1g/day is an average microdose
- can be taken daily or every 2nd/3rd day
- best taken in the morning after breakfast


- 10 x 1g portions of vacuum-sealed, live magic truffles
- Active substances: psilocybin, serotonin, baeocystin


- improves mood
- boosts creativity and divergent thinking
- alleviates pain and inflammation


- store in the fridge
- can be kept up to 2 months 

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Micodosing Works

  • Eoin G.

    "Really working for me, third time ordering"

  • Torben

    "Works good. More focusing and free mind"

  • Magdalena

    "Very well! These truffles are truly magical."

  • Anonymous

    "It works very fine, I feel better every day..."