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Magic Truffle Harvestbox

Magic Truffle Harvestbox

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The simple solution to having top quality magic truffles in your home at any moment; Grow them yourself!

The Harvest Box comes full of truffles that you can either pick right away and enjoy fresh, or let them grow bigger and bigger as you wait.

When you harvest imemdiately, you should get 40g ( +/-10g ), if you wait for some months, you might harvest more then 70g!

Simply put the box in a dark place with stable temperature and sit back as the truffles get to work, absorbing the nutritious substrate in the box and growing.


Once you're ready (or once the box lid bursts open from the inside because the truffles are growing too big), you can simply harvest them by hand.


You must harvest all at once and there is no second flush; the substrate can be composted. The harvested truffles can be kept in fridge for 1-2 weeks, or they can easily be dried by putting them on a dry place - they dry out by themselves. 



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