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Bluestem™ Magic Mushroom grow bag with harvest guarantee

Bluestem™ Magic Mushroom grow bag with harvest guarantee

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 *** RUNNING OUT: This product is going out of stock and being replaced by Magic Mushroom Growkit Grails. ***


Bluestem™ Magic Mushroom growbag

This product is perfect for every casual grower looking to harvest mushrooms without having to invest time or take the risk of a kit going bad.

Setting up your bag takes less than a minute and you can expect to harvest within 1-2 weeks. No watering or other potentially contaminating manoeuvers involved.

Any kit that does not yield mushrooms within 30 days will be replaced for free!

Best use practices: Harvesting mushrooms

Download detailed instructions here.

Do NOT cut open the bag unless you wish to eliminate the warranty.
To set up the bag, unfurl it and blow air into it. You can do so by pressing either your mouth, or the nozzle of an air pump to the HEPA filter and pushing air in until there is enough space for the mushrooms to grow.

Simply place the sealed bag into indirect light or under a UV lamp and check on it daily.

When the time of harvest comes, cut open the sealed growbag, take the mycelium cake out and place it on a clean plate to harvest. (Wash your hands and choose a clean room)

Harvest all mushrooms, place the mushroom cake in the enclosed spare bag and add clean water. Let soak for a day, then pour out the water and wait for the next harvest.


Mushrooms don't just dry by themselves!

If you leave them lying around at room temperature, they will spoil. Make sure you have either a fruit dryer available, or get a heat mat.

We guarantee at least one harvest.



This product contains live mycelium!

It's best to set it up to grow as soon as you receive it, otherwise you risk mushrooms growing into funny shapes in the closed bag.

If you want to store it for a few days before use, place it in the fridge and make sure the air filter does not get wet or become covered by anything.

Condition check

The mushroom cake should be one compact lump of grain and fiber with no signs of contamination.

There may be little water droplets on the inside of the bag - that's normal.

Hostile molds are mostly green, red or black and will likely spread. If your sealed bag is contaminated, take a picture and email it to us for a replacement.


Growbag sizes and coinciding harvest

Each product contains: Harvest-ready Bluestem™ Magic Mushroom growbag + spare bag.

  • 1500ccm growbag -> 200-500g fresh (20-50g dry) weight harvest
  • 750ccm growbag -> 100-250g fresh (10-25g dry) weight harvest
  • 500ccm growbag -> 60-150g fresh (6-15g dry) weight harvest

Golden Cap: Regular, creamy brown strains, similar to "Golden Teacher".
Albino: White mushrooms, often larger and fewer in number. Albino in general are somewhat more potent.


If one month after the date on the bag you see no mushrooms growing, take a picture of the bag, showing that it is still sealed and has not produced yield.
Send it together with the bag code and your order # to contact@provithor,com

Only sealed bags can be replaced!
Do NOT open the seal before you want to harvest the grown mushrooms!

As soon as you open the bag, the warranty is voided. An opened bag can never become refunded or replaced!


 *** RUNNING OUT: This product is going out of stock and being replaced by Magic Mushroom Growkit Grails. ***


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