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Bluestem™ Magic Mushroom grow bag with harvest guarantee

Bluestem™ Magic Mushroom grow bag with harvest guarantee

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Bluestem™ Magic Mushroom growbag

Suitable for worldwide shipping!

- Extremely simple growing
- Guaranteed harvest!
- Money back or replacement growbag in case of contamination


First harvest 

(Typically 1-2 weeks after setup, but up to 4 weeks)

Simply place the sealed bag into indirect light or below a UV lamp. 
Then do NOTHING, just wait for the mushrooms to show up (1-3 weeks).

When the time of harvest will come, open the sealed growbag, take the mycelium cake out, place it on a clean plate and harvest the mushrooms.

Second harvest

After this, place the  mycelium-cake into the spare bag (enclosed), close it with a clip and wait for more harvests. 

We guarantee at least one magic mushroom harvest.



Harvest-ready Bluestem™ Magic Mushroom growbag + spare bag.

- 1500ccm
- 750ccm
- 500ccm 

Golden Cap: a Magic Mushroom similar to "Golden Teacher".
Albino: less harvest, but some claim Albino Magic Mushrooms would be somewhat more potent.



As soon as you receive the growbag, unfurl it and set it down in a space with indirect day light (UV lamp light might be beneficial, but indirect day light is good as well).

The Bluestem™ growbag should be kept at a temperature between 21°C and 26°C.

Do NOT cut open the bag, Keep it sealed until you want to harvest.
Inflate manually if necessary, by blowing air into the bag throught he filter.


If one month after the date on the bag you see no mushrooms growing or contamination, (green, yellow, brown molds), take a picture of the bag.
Send it together with the bag code and your order # to contact@provithor,com

Only sealed bags can be replaced!
Do NOT open the seal before you want to harvest the grown mushrooms!

As soon as you open the bag, the warranty is voided. An opened bag can never become refunded or replaced!

How to harvest

Harvest all mushrooms. All, the small ones as well!

Then take the spare bag, open it and place the cake into the bag. You can add some 200-300ml clear drinking water and keep the water inside the bag for 1-3 days, then pour it out of the bag.

Keep the bag closed by a clip of any kind, or a piece of tape. Do not spray, do not open the bag. The HEPA-filter lets enough air inside.

After a few days, new mushrooms start to grow, this time, for harvest, simply take the cake out of the bag, the bag does not need to be cut open and can be re-used for all subsequent flushes.

Depending on the "mold pressure" in your room, the Bluestem™ mushroom grow can produce 1-5 flushes. When the last flush will be harvested, put the mycelium cake to compost, outside into nature (100% bio) or throw into the garbage. The bag shall be thrown into plastic garbage.

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