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Asgard is the home world of the gods, which is connected to Midgard, the world of men, through the rainbow bridge “Bifröst”.

It is the home of Gods, where Odin‘s hall of the fallen warriors, Valhalla, is famously located. It is said that at the end of the world, Ragnarok, the final fight will take place in Asgard.

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Thor, Odin, Loki, Freya and Heimdall all live in Asgard. Even Ragnarok is said to hit hardest there and so it is fitting that everyone gathers in Asgard. All sit around Yggdrasil… and Mimir is there as well!

Also, Yggdrasil sort of spans all the worlds, so naturally, it belongs in Asgard as well.

Asgard contains:









Asgard is particularly suitable for…

This gathering of 8 varieties is particularly suitable for connoisseurs and people who plan psychonautic experiences with friends. It contains truffles of all tastes and varieties and caters to everyone‘s wishes.


Don’t forget to chew well!

It is important to have both set and setting under control. Both outside conditions and inner attitude can influence the outcome of an entheogenic experience heavily. It is advisable to have these in a safe and familiar environment (for example, at home).

If any negative emotions should arise during the experience, that is no cause for alarm. The infamous expression “bad trip” really originates from the much more potent and dangerous psychedelic LSD. There is no such thing as “getting stuck” on a magic truffle trip.

It is best to remain calm and lean into the arising emotions as much as possible.

A bit of background knowledge: What is Asgard?

(Apparently, the home of Gods is described as a giant stronghold, made up of castles. That‘s right, a stronghold made of castles… does it get any more metal than that? This was new for us, too…)


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