Mímir‘s Microdose (Freya + measuring spoon)

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Mímir was revered as a paragon of wisdom, to whom the norse gods would come for advice.

According to the legend, Mímir drinks from a well of wisdom every morning. This has made him into the wisest of all beings.

Odin, the chief of gods, sacrifices one of his eyes for a single drink from this well.

Mímir‘s wisdom is so great, that even after his death, his head is able to whisper advice to Odin, who keeps it around for that purpose.



15-17 portions of truffles (Freya + measuring spoon) for regular ingestion with no psychedelic effects

The effects of this product are sub-perceptual and promote nerve-growth, inner peace and knowledge acquisition. This is meant for microdosing, not for psychedelic experiences.


Balance, patience, mental agility


Mímir is a perfect solution for imbuing the every day experience with some of the magic and impowerment of the truffles, without hindering the normal flow. No perceptual distortion, no fatigue, no distraction.

(This only applies if dosed correctly, do not exceed the recommended dose of 1 portion per day!)

With microdosing, chewing is optional. Not chewing creates a retarding effect.

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