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Odin (Wotan), the father of the gods. God of war and the dead, but also god of poetry and magic.

One of the most powerful Nordic gods and namesake on the third day of the week (Wednesday engl. = Wednes-day, Wotan’s day / Dutch: woensdag). Odin leads the advice of the gods and has dedicated his life to attaining wisdom.

This is of such great value to him that he even sacrifices his left eye to this goal. His inventions and gifts to mankind include both poetry and runes.

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The Thortruffle variety Odin is one of the strongest among them. It is particularly compact and contains less water, compared to others.

The color of Odin truffles varies between shades of brown and grey. They grow for about 9 months.

Psychedelic effects

The state of trance brought about by Odin is characterized by a special emotional depth.

Instead of intellectually superficial thoughts, the experience often contains philosophically profound, fundamental truths.

While medium doses are quite malleable, large ones can be overwhelming in this respect. It is therefore recommended to approach such an experience with an open mind.

Wisdom, creativity, introspection


It is important to have both set and setting under control. Both outside conditions and inner attitude can influence the outcome of an entheogenic experience heavily. It is advisable to have these in a safe and familiar environment (for example, at home).

If any negative emotions should arise during the experience, that is no cause for alarm. The infamous expression “bad trip” really originates from the much more potent and dangerous psychedelic LSD. There is no such thing as “getting stuck” on a magic truffle trip.

It is best to remain calm and lean into the arising emotions as much as possible.


Odin Thortruffles are especially well suited for…

Because of their consistency, they are particularly durable and suitable for experimenting with different quantities, since the truffles can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks after the vacuum seal has been opened.

Thus, they are suitable for beginners as well as for experienced psychonauts.

Don’t forget to chew well!


A bit of background knowledge: Who is Odin?

(The original godfather. In search of wisdom, Odin stabs his own eye out and uses his own spear to hang himself from the world tree Yggdrasil for a full 9 days. That was new for us as well…)


Similar varieties: Thor, Ragnarök                  (see what we did there?)


Sometimes, when cells of the Thortruffles get bruised, they stain blue. This stems from the interaction of a natural enzyme with the substance psilocybin. Thus, this is not a sign of faulty production or a bad product, but rather a natural occurence and sign of their potency.

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