Terms & conditions

By paying the order, you entrust ProviThor B.V., Rudigerstraat 39A, 5408 AA Volkel, The Netherlands, to to send the ordered goods to you.


Thortruffles are “luxury food” and intended for consumption. They have been categorized as “luxury food” by the Dutch tax authority on September, 13th, 2019. They are safe for human consumption. Thortruffles are “sclerotia”, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, a sclerotium is a persistent, vegetative, resting spore of certain fungi. It is NOT a fungus, like an egg is not a hen. It is no “pure substance” and it was and should never be banned by the 1971-1973 UN treaties. To our knowledge, there is no country in the world that would have banned this naturally occurring organisms. But there might be officers acting unlawfully, media spreading wrong (fake) information, mock-analogues. We are neither responsible for the behavior of officers of your country, nor for the correct interpretation of laws – and we cannot be held responsible for that. In case that your shipment should be seized, for any reason, hindered to enter your country, destroyed or a damage will be created to you otherwise by officials of your country, we will be happy to support your case through delivering truthful information, but we cannot be held responsible for the caused damage and you will have to turn to local courts to get a compensation.

Refund & return

The order is always sent with Track & Trace and the order is fulfilled by ProviThor B.V. in the moment the order is passed to the carrier. A return or an exchange is excluded for the fresh luxury food products that are perishable. The products with long shelf life (>6months) can be returned within 4 weeks after they have been received, as long as the seals are not broken. Before you send a product back, please contact us at contact@provithor.com so we can provide the return labels. In case that you return the products on your expenses, we might not refund your shipping costs.

Don’t order if you don’t agree!

Because of their psychoactive effects, Thortruffles were declared to be luxury food (sealed food product) by the Dutch tax authority on September 13, 2019 and were subject to the full tax rate.

The legitimate use of the truffle is in human consumption with the intention of creating a psychotropic effect. The categorization as luxury food applies across the EU / EFTA.

With the purchase you declare that you are at least 18 years old and that you will not pass the product on to minors. Heed the warnings and recommendations!

Thortruffles do not create any dependency and are safe when used as recommended.