United Kingdom

We would like to report about the situation in UK.

The legalization took place for whole EU September 13th, 2019 when UK was part of the EU and is, thus, valid for UK as well, as long as there is no official statement by the government about Magic Truffles. In case that UK will keep free food trade agreements with EU, the legal situation will persist.

However, the border force sometimes confiscates parcels ordered from UK customers, calling our product something else than it is: „Psilocin“, „Psilocybin“ or „Magic Mushrooms“.

We tried to contact the border force and are adding information leaflets to our shipments to UK to make the officials aware that they commit an illegal act by calling our product something that it is not to then have a reason to confiscate it and create damage to us and our customers.

A few customers received letters telling them that they will be „under survey“, but not punished, creating fear and the impression they did something „unknowingly wrong“, when in fact, border force made the mistake by calling the legal product to be something else that is illegal (in the Netherlands as well!)

But as long as no customer stands up for his legitimate right to buy and consume Magic Truffles and no UK-court explains to the border force the difference that must be respected and is not so difficult to understand and find out, it looks like the officials can act arbitrarily. Most of our shipments reach the customers, but some do not.

As UK citizen you have the right to order at ProviThor B.V. and receive your Magic Truffles and they have the legitimate use to be eaten for their effects, legitimated by the Royal Dutch Tax Authority. If your right is denied to you by the UK border force calling the product something else than it is, because of lack of knowledge or intentionally, and you deliver the scan of the seizure to us, we will support your appeal against this illegal act and pay a lawyer for you so that justice can come back to UK. Without anyone appealing against injustice, it can persist.

The people working for the border force are people as well and we assume they do what they have been used to: make chemical tests and when those show „psilocin“, they, wrongly, assume that the product must be illegal psilocybin, psilocin or Magic Mushrooms because no one explained them the biological and legal difference between Magic Mushrooms and Magic Truffles. And they might not know that psilocybin and psilocin are crystalline substances (with psilocin decomposting fast on air: one can watch it perish!) – and not the names of mushrooms – or synonyms for Magic Truffles!

We try to inform the UK border force as good as we can, but we have not the power to prevent them from wrongful acting. Only UK courts can do so and for them to become active an UK-customer must not accept the seizure!

In case that you order from UK and your parcel is seized and you decide to not act, we are not to be held responsible for your loss. In case that you will decide to act against illegal actions of the border force, we will cover the costs for lawyers and all necessary legal steps, as long as you will agree that we will choose the UK-lawyer for you and you will act according to the proposals of this lawyer. Then, you will not have any loss from insisting on your right.

Remember, any UK court will immediately understand that the border force simply called a legal Dutch luxury food something else that is illegal in the Netherlands as well. We are not shipping psilocybin, nor psilocin nor Magic Mushrooms. If the UK border force calls our products either of that, the mistake is evident and the victory before any UK court is sure.