Warnings, recommendations and preparation

Thortruffles are magic truffles and have been declared a luxury food by the Royal Dutch Tax Authority (September 13th, 2019) because of their hallucinogenic effects and very low health risk. They are effective and therefore there are two things that need to be clearly worded:

  1. After taking an amount that shows psychotropic effects (approx. 6g [1/3 pack] or more) abstain EIGHT (8) hours from participating in traffic! Not only as a motorized driver, but also as a cyclist or pedestrian, if possible.
  2. If there are mental disorders or illnesses, magic truffles can have a healing effect as part of a therapy. You should definitely discuss this with your psychotherapist and not try “going it alone”. Without a therapeutically meaningful and safe environment, unpleasant or even dangerous situations can arise, especially when combined with some psychotropic (prescription) drugs!

Magic truffles do not cause any mental damage, but can bring existing mental problems into the consciousness. If, after the effects have faded away, you feel that you might need psychological help, then it is appropriate to really seek this out from licensed psychotherapists!

Recommendations :

Eat a maximum of half a 15g pack the first time. The effect does not start fast! Usually, the effect starts 30-90 minutes after ingestion, then increases for 1-2 hours and lasts a total of 4 to 8 hours.

It is strongly recommended that you take high-dose truffles for the first time in a familiar, safe and calming environment : ideally at home and with few but good friends.

If you feel unwell: stay calm ! Just wait until the effect is over. After 8 hours at the latest, “everything will be as it was before”, panic is out of place. Choose a safe, quiet place and let your thoughts flow.

Effects :

There are some symptoms that almost always appear: watery eyes, sniffing noses, yawning – and sweating and farting . It is very comforting to know that you are farting among friends and not to try to suppress these symptoms! They are “cleaning” and are not a sign of any disturbances or problems, not even a direct expression of feelings. We therefore strongly recommend that those present be told that magic truffles have been eaten so that they do not draw the wrong (panicky) conclusions from these symptoms.

From a quantity of approx. 6g, there are more or less strong visual perception changes that are suitable for misjudging the dangers of the real environment – especially in road traffic !

In contrast to the effects of alcohol, those who are scared tend to become less sociable, so it makes sense to be able to go to places where you are for yourself and in silence and calm . You shouldn’t try to stop the betruffled one from being alone! Especially when you feel uncomfortable, a calm and calming environment is the best place to wait for the effect to end.

The magic truffles are not addictive, on the contrary. They have a “natural addiction stop mechanism”, the “tolerance building”.

With addictive substances, “tolerance formation” is a symptom of long-term addiction, with truffles an immediately occurring effect that prevents addiction . Specifically, this means that the daily psychotropic effect decreases rapidly and cannot be “compensated” by increasing the amount. In order to experience an effect of the “full strength” again, one should not take truffles for a few days, ideally at least one week, unless in small amounts for microdosing, which by definition does not have a psychotropic effect.

Daily microdosing has no influence on a high dose, it is possible (and possibly very useful) to microdose continuously and take high doses once a week or less often.


The most effective and easy way to consume the Thortruffles is to chew them well. Rather eat them in multiple small portions, with herbs and spices and chew well than to swallow everything at once without chewing!

The truffle-cells are hard and tough. Swallowing them without chewing, leads to a late and very slow decomposing in the digestive tract. Perfect for microdosing, but not good to produce a psychedelic experience. For best psychedelic experience: Chew very well and have an empty stomach!

Another way, especially when you want to ingest a higher dose of thortruffles, cooking a magic potion is recommended. Please be aware that a preparation of Magic Truffles might not be legal to produce and passed to others in your country, so make and keep it for yourself.

Grind or cut into small pieces the fresh thortruffles, do not mix them with a mixer to mush. Deepfreeze them! Fill enough water – 0.3-0.4 liters for 30g of fresh thortruffles into a pot and boil the water, then throw the frozen grinded truffles into the boiling water and cook them for a short time (max. some minutes). Lot of heat will create foam to build up and let the magic potion boil over. At latest when foam start to be created, take from stove and let cool down.

Filter the potion through a coffee-filter and let cool down.

Mix with (separately prepared) tea, add some honey, a small shot of alcohol, sugar and /or what you want to add to it.

Drink “at once”.

The “Magic Spirit” is sensitive to heat and light. Do not let the magic potion stand in a glass bottle in the sun, it will loose potency very fast.

Effects do not start immediately, but after about 30 to 60 minutes. Be patient, prepare your “set and setting”, make sure you are at a safe place and have a trip-sitter near you.

The most important task of a trip-sitter is to keep uninformed people from panicking because of their complete miss-understanding of the situation they might perceive. Trip-sitters know: however good or bad the trip might be, it will be over within a few hours!

Magic Truffles are the less dangerous, most save psycho-active luxury food. They are safer to use than Magic Mushrooms and much more safe than LSD, alcohol, mescaline, coffee, energy drinks, and other substances, legal or illegal, including hemp. They are anti-addictive!

Never in human history anyone died because of consuming Magic Truffles!
But many people experienced “near dead states” thinking they would die, thus received a pathway to heal their fears and trauma in a completely save way.