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Microdosing against stress

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The importance of being unflappable

Stress is an ambiguous phenomenon. Not all kinds of stress are the same and we will even pay for the pleasure of experiencing certain types, like the stress caused by a good horror movie or a roller coaster ride.

toxic stress takes its toll - microdosing can help.

It is hard to bear though, when it depends on factors out of our control.

Lab tests have shown that the worst thing you can expose rats to is an uncontrollable stressor that comes without warning. Put a rat in a stressful situation where it has no control (not even the illusion thereof) and take away its outlet for the resulting negative emotion.

Within a few days, you have yourself a fully depressed rat with a great tendency towards substance addiction. (Study)

While humans are different from rats in many ways, our reaction to stress is often not so different. Many of the same factors that can help rodents deal with stress can also calm down a person.

It is incredibly important for humans to be able to rely on our social contacts for stress relief. In situations where that’s not an option, it can be a good idea to have a few aces up your sleeve.

What else can help lower stress levels naturally?


a healthy breakfast is both a good stress buffer and a good way to prepare your stomach for microdosing

You are what you eat may have an unpleasantly esoteric vibe, but we are actually outnumbered by our gut biome. That means our bodies carry more gut bacteria than we have cells.

A reasonably healthy diet can contribute immensely to good mood, especially fresh foods and getting some protein in the morning.


Dogs get stressed when they don't move - and so do we.

Exercise is hard, but you don’t need much to stay healthy. A few minutes of sweating a day can contribute the health of both brain and body – and improve mood.

And honestly, that’s never convinced us of signing up for a gym. But it’s worth keeping this fact in the back of your mind for next time someone asks you to help with their groceries. That way you get both – fortification for your heart and a sparkling image 😉

Exposure to nature

Stepping outdoors is sort of tricky in the cold season, but nonetheless helps your circadian rhythm stay in tune with the day.

Even when you are super busy and just have to stay in 24/7 – you can still open a window, hear the birds and get as much natural light as possible.


Protecting your body means protecting your sleep. If your schedule has been messed with by recent developments, it is easy to go into workaholic mode without noticing, trying to fix everything.

Still, remember that your body needs sleep to wash the toxins out of your brain, so you may want to give it time to do that to protect your health and productivity in the long run.


While microdosing is no vaccine or silver bullet medicine, it can help you keep stress and anxiety at bay. The panic sometimes spread by the media is hard to escape or distance yourself from, but it is vital to stay level-headed. Microdosing can help that process by lowering stress levels naturally.

At this point it is very hard to tell what is coming, but our chances at mastering it gracefully certainly do not improve by hopping aboard the panic train. Indeed, if the state of crisis persists, it might add significantly to the mental health crisis that is already afoot.

Microdosing can help everyone protect themselves from letting it get to them while building up your stress resilience.

Stay healthy, stay safe and be kind to ya mind.

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