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Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking Outside the Box

Divergent thinking refers to the process of generating creative ideas while exploring several possible solutions. It includes a listing of questions or the problems and then finding the relevant solutions through brainstorming, group discussions, subject mapping, meditation, freewriting, etc.  Divergent Thinking lets you explore better ideas and possible outcomes, instead of coping up with the already existing conservative alternatives. In fact, there are three modes of thinking, namely,

  • Divergent Thinking- that is based on the power of imagination
  • Convergent Thinking- that is based on logic; and
  • Lateral Thinking –  Combination of indirect as well as a creative approach

Importance of Divergent Thinking

It is this thinking process that is highly relevant from the organizational standpoint, especially in today’s world where every employer values the skills, knowledge, and thought process of the working professionals.  It is an admitted fact that the students who have exposure to divergent thinking techniques as early as in their childhood and in their education system, turn out to be highly creative in life.

Undoubtedly, this is the divergent thinking that is responsible for the performance of the adults in terms of their job roles and career as well as leads to positive mood swings.  Moreover, divergent thinking is an ability and outcome of logical and unbiased thoughts wherein the individual can discover profuse alternatives given a particular situation or problem to resolve.

Divergent thinking is a part of one’s personality whereby the individual is willing and open to the experience. This trait results in the creative performance by the working professionals and achieving success in career growth.

Try an Organic Approach to fuel Divergent Thinking with Microdosing Magic Truffles

Although multiple pills, substances, and supplements are prevailing in the market with the promise of boosting divergent thinking and creativity in humans, the results are not free from side effects and addiction. Many individuals fall prey to the gimmick of these chemical doses and end up being totally dependent on harmful toxins.

There are other natural alternatives that are readily available from the lap of mother earth. This includes the power of magic truffles that are a form of fungi that grows when the climatic conditions are unfavorable for the development of mushrooms. Magic truffles have long been used as a relaxant to boost memory, induce sleep and relieve stress. However, the potential and benefits of magic truffles are exponential and it is gaining popularity in terms of fueling divergent thinking.

How Magic Truffles work to unlock creativity?

The magic truffles consist of psilocybin components that can induce the development of unconstrained thoughts and generate creative ideas. Microdosing of Magic Truffles in a limited quantity (as prescribed) have proven to offer creative benefits too without risking their health or experiencing any side effects.

The active substance present in these magic truffles such as ThorTruffles makes the user improve upon on the following areas:

  • Fluency
  • Increase in divergent and convergent thinking
  • Brainstorming
  • Enhance creative domain

The therapeutic benefits and medicinal uses of magic truffles have been surfacing for the past few decades. The USP of these truffles is that they are non-addictive, and the results last for a longer time depending upon the dosages. Even 0.3 gm of these dried truffles are enough to alter the reasoning power, intelligence, analysis, and divergent thinking.

Often they also boost performance on tasks, whether at work or in personal relations.

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