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Promotion Microdosing XP Testpilot – 1 month microdosing free

If you want to try Microdosing XP blisters and are willing to share the experience publicly with your friends, you can pick up 30 days of free microdosing for our XP Testpilot program.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Sign up as an affiliate

Those who register as an advertising partner automatically receive a coupon code and access to links and banners for their social networks.

You can sign up as an affiliate here. This will give you access to our banners and media, as well as the opportunity to receive a personalized coupon code.

Step 2: Announce

XP Testpilot on Facebook

If you want to be a test pilot and pick up a month of free Microdosing XP, don’t do it in secret, let the world know! All social media channels are suitable for this purpose; Instagram, blog entries, Facebook posts, tweets, small videos, photos, etc.

All you need to do is announce that you are participating.
Please let your folks know:

  • Why are you on board? What are your expectations?
  • What have you heard/read about microdosing?
  • Where can they find the shop?
  • Which is your personal coupon code? (That way we keep track of conversions and reward you for your efforts!)

Step 3: Enter affiliate ID and receive test month

When the trial month is announced, simply enter and register the affiliate ID here. Please include a few links of your social media announcing your participation as a Microdosing XP Testpilot. We check the left and then immediately send off 5 blisters for the test month.

Step 4: Microdose

With what quantity and at what rhythm one microdoses is up to everyone. (Every day, every two days, twice a week… 2g, 1g, 0.5g, a baby truffle a day)

For all those who read along, it is of course interesting to know what quantities are involved and how they work for you. For this, it is helpful to post an update from time to time.

Step 5: Cashing in

If you are posting diligently as part of the promotion, please remember to always include your affiliate link and coupon code! In this way, your fans can pick up a discount when ordering and as our advertising partner you will be amassing 10% for each sale.

You can either have the credit you’re amassing paid out, or you can use it to pay for your next order.

Once you’re signed up as an affiliate, please sign up here for the program:

You need to register as affiliate to participate!
Please write us where you placed the banners and links and where you will post your Microdosing XP experience!