Voucher Bingo

Voucher Bingo

You do not need to pay anything and will always win – if you just play long enough.

How to play

This game uses a cookie that means, it is different on each browser and when you delete the cookie, you cancel and delete the game. It cannot be recovered! If, for whatever reason, your game should vanish and/or your voucher won’t be valid, you have no right to get replacement. The game is free of charge and can be stopped any time by ProviThor!

If you want to participate, simply look for the drawn number inside the bingo-form. If you find the drawn number there, click on it. Bingo!

For each hit, you receive 25 Cents of fixed cart discount, while you need at least four hits (1 Euro) to create your voucher. Once you’ve created the voucher, the game is over and the voucher is registered in the webshop. You can copy-paste it and use it later, if you wish to, it stays valid!

A new number is drawn every hour! You can play as long as you like to, the maximum discount voucher you can get is 14 Euro!
In case that you do not visit this page for more than one week, your game will be reset.


You have 0 Euro
You need at least 4 hits to create a voucher!