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ProviThor’s Mission – Normalize Microdosing.

Magic truffles are an EU based luxury food for microdosing. It’s good for your brain and safe for your body – if done correctly.

Removing the unwarranted stigma and mystery that surrounds magic truffle microdosing. For the sake of transparency, here are our key sources of both truffles and information.

Microdosing Magic truffles

magic truffles growth facility
© Courtesy of the growth facility

Our magic truffles are professionally grown in a special facility in the South of the Netherlands. The business is specialized in magic truffles and has over 20 years of experience.

They’ve also cultivated strains for the ideal microdosing experience and are currently the largest producer of magic truffles in the world.

Dutch tax office – Belastingdienst

Dutch tax office made truffle microdosing legal
Read for yourself here

ProviThor B.V. takes the information that magic truffles are legalized straight from the horse’s mouth.

None other than the dutch government published their status as “luxury food” on their official site. Along with the tax rate of 21% it is declared there that, other than magic mushrooms, magic truffles are legal.

Founder of ProviThor B.V.

Hi, I’m Lilli. When I first discovered Microdosing XP in winter 2018, my enthusiasm was instantaneous.

Since november ’18, I’ve been microdosing magic truffles every single day, to see what would happen. And since then, hundreds of people have been along for the ride, testing the product.

Provithor B.V. is my way of sharing my favourite healthy thing with the world. Magic truffles are a luxury food and no medicine.

The one legal psychedelic for microdosing is Magic truffles.

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