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Magic Truffle microdosing Protocols

There are numerous opinions on how to correctly microdose psychedelics. While magic truffles are stable in their potency, every body is different.
Among the myriad psilocybin microdosing protocols available, we’ve singled out the two most popular ones:

The Stamets protocol

Named after inventor and mycologist Paul Stamets. The Stamets microdosing protocol prescribes a dose of psychedelic truffles on 5 consecutive days, then 2 days off.

Stamets is a mycologist and focused on natural organisms for microdosing (truffles or mushrooms). So the regiment formulated by him is particularly tailored to psilocybin microdosing.

Stamets psychedelic microdosing protocol
Dose five days in a row, then take two days break, in order to reset any potential tolerance.

The Fadiman protocol

Named after psychologist, author and microdosing advocate James Fadiman. The Fadiman protocol prescribes a dosing rhythm of psychedelic truffles that goes: 1 day on, 2 days off.

James Fadiman coined the term “microdosing”, but a large percentage of his studies were conducted with LSD instead of psilocybin fungi. His protocol is more universal for psychedelic substances in general, not specifically cut out for truffle microdosing.

Fadiman psychedelic microdosing protocol
Dose magic truffles every third day.

Create your own Microdosing XP protocol!

If you’re ready to take charge of your own psilocybin microdosing regiment, feel free to use this handy little tool we’ve developed for you.