Thortruffle Microdosing

Microdosing is the simple act of taking microamounts of fresh Thortruffles.

It requires only a microeffort on your part and can help you make microimprovements daily.

Microdosing originally emerged as a trend among high-performing professionals in the Silicon Valley. It is quickly becoming a megatrend and spreading far beyond the world of tech.





What is microdosing good for?

Truffles nourish your brain, just like healthy food nourishes your body.
In order to grow well, your body needs nutrition and exercise – same with the brain.

Regular microdosing boosts the production of BDNF (“brain-derived neurotrophic factor“).
In the brain, this protein has two tasks: To create new synapses and protect existing ones.

In the body, truffle microdosing has an anti-inflammatory effect.
This can lower the overall pain level and is beneficial for the immune system.

The science of microdosing

“Taken together, our results suggest that consuming a microdose of truffles allowed participants to create more out-of-the-box alternative solutions for a problem, thus providing preliminary support for the assumption that microdosing improves divergent thinking.”

Exploring the effect of microdosing psychedelics on creativity in an open-label natural setting

The truffles used are 100% natural and non-addictive. Unlike culinary truffles, Thortruffles increase well-being.
The regular intake is a microcommitment that easily fits into every lifestyle.
The joy of discovering small improvements daily quickly outweighs the urge to demand drastic, immediate change.

If you’re looking to learn more about its effects, why not check out “Why people are microdosing

38 thoughts on “Microdosing”

  1. i’ve just received my freshbox but there is green stuff on some of the truffles! does this mean my box is contaminated and I should throw away?

    1. As long as the lid was closed, the green stuff will be due to the color-reaction of the active substance. If the lid was opened but the truffles not harvested, they can start to become attacked by a green mold that makes a “dry” impression and is like powder. The whole, then, does not smell like forest and mushrooms, but like something rotten.
      If you are unsure, send me a photo to info -at- provithor.com
      Kind regards

    1. You must open & harvest asap. The truffles that you do not want to eat immediately, wash them ell in tab water and let them naturally dry our at a dry (warm) place, outside of direct sunlight.
      Never harvest just a part and leave the substrate in contact with the truffles! The substrate starts rotting within 3-4 days and sooner or later the truffles inside the substrate are taken by the green mold as well that eventually kills and decomposes them.
      The freshbox is an ONE HARVEST ONLY box!

        1. Hi Sally!
          While you can freeze, it is not recommended and not need for it. Truffles dry naturally, they have, just like seeds, a kind of “dry-sleep”. Just let them laying at a dry (warm) place and they dry out naturally, without any need for energy or problems with de-frosting or storing.
          Naturally dried out truffles have a shelf life of more than one year. Before using them, you should soak them, please see the instructions in the menu.

    1. In case that you do not received a notification, please check your SPAM folder. Please add info@provithor.com to your address book. Many big-data companies censor our emails, make a “content-check” and decide it to be SPAM. Direct brazen censorship.

  2. So, so glad I found this site! It took a little over a week for my first very low-key looking envelope to arrive at my address in the US from my new friend, Thor. And just a few days later I got one from Mimir! Thor and I? Best friends. Now I’m expecting letters from Thor and Freya and some news about Ragnarok. I’m sure I’ll hear from Loki and Heimdall soon too.

    Seriously, the prices are good and the product is awesome. If you’re curious, just give it a try and order a pack of whatever calls your name. You won’t be disappointed.

    1. Depends on the shipping method:
      express 1-2 days
      slow with Track & trace 4-10 days
      no track & trace letter-size 2-5 days

    1. It depends on the product and the shipping time and warmth during shipping. The freshbox has more than 50g when it arrives and can be stored at usual room-temperature for some months and grows in that time to more then 70g fresh truffles. The Microdosing XP has about 6g per blister and all others loose some water during their delivery-times, so they will have someting between 6 and 9 g. The potency equals 15g fresh. But as some water evaporates during the shipment, the weight decreases – not the potency.

    1. Hi Eric
      We can ship it legally and it is not banned anywhere in the world. But as Psilocybin is banned everywhere and the fake news media made the people believe that the ban of the substance bals the natural organism as well, most people believe the lies. The high court of Switzerland clarified that the UN treaty just bans the substance and not the organisms that contain it. Cats contain DMT, just like other mamals – are they banned?
      So, e can ship and it is legal, but that does not mean everyone will understand it and act accordingly. We cannot take any responsability for what officials fake media do and say.
      In case that the product should be returned, we will refund you, but in case it will be seized or destroyed, we cannot be held responsible for this.
      Only to EU-countries we can guarantee the delivery, as the EU is a “single market” without customs.

    2. Heidi Satterlee

      I ordered a microdosing blister pack on August 25th. Nothing yet and now, I see I shouldn’t have ordered that order?! It’s summer and record heat. I was so looking forward to seeing the effects for anxiety and depression. How should I order them when ordering other than the fresh blisterpack? They all appear the same in pictures. Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi Heidi
        Microdsoing Blisters should be ordered with FAST delivery service only (UPS/GLS) and that is only possible to EU in this moment. It usually stays usable even after longer delivery time (uncooled), but looses potency.
        It should be possible to find Mimir’s microdose as alternative for slow delivery, please ask if you cannot find the product. Please contact us via form, e-mail or chat for questions concerning your order.
        Kind regards

  3. For thousands of years we have known that medicinal mushrooms can have a tonic effect on the body that help improve physical and emotional health. They can act as prebiotics to help improve gut health, reduce depression and anxiety, fight cancer and improve cognitive acuity and memory. They also have important anti-inflammatory effects that are key to helping heal both physical and mental health problems.

  4. Microdosing psychedelic truffles are very effective. Trust me. I am microdosing for a month now and still enjoying the good effects of it. I usually do microdose because I want to relax and clear my mind from the chaotic world. And also, these help me to improve my mode and be able to focus on certain things.

    1. Yes, we do. Please be aware that the FDA will charge an import fee/tax. You will receive the bill from UPS directly and will have to pay the tax to UPS/FDA directly.
      This tax seems to be different for different states. It can be $35 or more, depending on your order and the state you order from.

        1. Yes, we do, but in this moment just with slow track & trace, so please choose any product but Microdosing XP, as this needs cooling as has a short shelf life and won’t arrive in good condition especially during summer-time. All other products have LONG shelf life.

  5. Hi guys, is it possible freezing makes them stronger? Or maybe I just got more sensitive somehow, but the blister I just thawed out is softer, but i also feel like I can suddenly tell when i’m microdosing I feel it. Is that weird? – Samira

    1. Thank You for the post!
      Freezing should have no effect on the potency.
      But after some time of microdosing, your body might learn to feel the effects.

    2. Tried it against heavy anxiety disorder and it worked the way like nothing else before. I am so excited about finally something real. Made a break to see how my day goes without it and it still was pretty good. I assume that maybe it suits not to everyone but it worth a try definitely.

  6. Microdosed mushroom powder before, but it seemed to heighten my anxiety sometimes.
    These truffles are softer, so that’s nice. Too bad they look and taste weird, not as sexy as mushrooms tho probably actually better xD

  7. I got this because I read it can help with meditating, but now my tinnitus is getting less, almost gone except when I’m really tired. Can someone explain if this is possible, or is this a placebo effect and will go away? Can it come back if I take too much?

  8. Seems to be working well for my back, less pain over the past few days and i don’t wake up at night so much but dreams are much stronger i remember them now
    Also maybe my SAD isn’t so heavy since im taking it (day 12 now) but maybe thats just cause my back’s better

  9. I had truffles before, this was my first time microdosing, not so strong of course but I liked that it seems to help me focus better and unwind after work. I am a salesman and would often take work home, often an issue with my wife, now she tells me I laugh more so that’s good.
    Will order again, curious to see what happens when you microdose longer, i heard it’s good for memory so maybe that’s true, definitely interesting the microdosing and this brand seems fine,too.

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