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Product advice – grow

Grow your own Magic Mushrooms

It is fascinating to see mushrooms grow.
Within a few days, a tiny little pin becomes a big mushroom.

For this little miracle, you only need a growbox created under sterile lab conditions.

We deliver grow boxes that are ready to fructify, all you need to do is tend them for a few days. Then you are ready to harvest your very own magic mushrooms.

Let us grow your truffles for you

Growing truffles is a bit different.
First of all, it is seriously boring and takes many months of invisible, underground growing.

That is why we only ship truffle grow kits that already contain fully formed, live magic truffles.

You can either harvest them right away, or let them sit on your desk grow a few more months, so they keep growing. This will give you an extra large harvest and the pleasure of having the freshest truffles available exactly when you need them.

psilocybe cubensis red boy, magic mushroom growbox for psilocybin fungi, provithor

Shroom harvest

Your first batch should be ready only 1-2 weeks after opening the box.

Each growbox can produce up to 4 flushes.
This can lead to a harvest of up to 500g of fresh magic mushrooms per kit.

Truffle harvest

The magic truffle grow kits are only harvested once, by removing all the substrate and truffles from the box and seperating them by hand.

Be sure to keep the box sealed untithen, to avoid contamination.

magic mushroom cultivation, grow supplies for mushrooms and magic truffles, provithor

From spore to mushroom

In the true spirit of DIY, we are also offering sterilized substrate, spores and nutrient solution.

These are all the ingredients you need to take charge of your own magic mushroom cultivation, with the remarkable benefit that spores and mushrooms contain NO forbidden substances.