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Product advice – high dosing

Product advice – high dosing

set and setting of a psychedelic experience, advice on preparing for a magic mushroom trip, provithor

A little preparation goes a long way

Preparation is crucial for a successful and joyful psychedelic journey.
This sets it apart from microdosing, which anyone can do anywhere, basically without any prerequisites.

A high dose experience will last at least a few hours and the heightened awareness of, well, everything, makes control of your environment super important.

We’ve summed up the essentials in a blog article for you.

Products for high psychedelic dosages

magic truffles from the Netherlands, provithor

Preharvested Truffles

15g / 20g of harvested and packaged magic truffles.

Pro: All 8 known varieties available, ready for super fast and easy consumption.

Con: As time progresses, harvested truffles start losing potency and taste increasingly less pleasant.

Storage: Depending on the way of packaging either in the fridge (2-3 months) or in a warm and dry place.

psilocybe cubensis red boy, magic mushroom growbox for psilocybin fungi, provithor

Homegrown Magic Mushrooms

100% Mycelium grow kits, ready to produce potent magic mushrooms within 1-2 weeks.

Pro: Mushrooms are stronger and tastier than truffles, which makes them easier to consume. Plus, growing is really fun.

Con: The growing process takes a few days and the size of the harvest depends on outside conditions.

Storage: The unopened box can be stored up to 4 weeks in the fridge.

Harvest: Up to 500g of fresh mushrooms per kit.

Pro tip: Mushroom tea

The easiest way to achieve a strong psychedelic trip with minimal body load is the magic mushroom tea.

  • powder the mushrooms
  • let them steep for up to 15 minutes
  • strain the tea
  • (add honey for flavour)
  • Enjoy!

Mushrooms have soft cells that can be easily washed out with water, but keep the water from cooking, in order not to damage the active substances of the mushrooms.

High dosage with magic mushrooms is easier than with truffles because the mushrooms have soft cells that can be easily washed out with water, so that teas and water filtrates can be used. In addition, magic mushrooms are much more potent than magic truffles in relation to dry mass.
Growing magic mushrooms is an experience in itself, the mushrooms can be eaten fresh, but they don’t last long and don’t dry out by themselves like truffles. They have to be actively dried so that they can be kept for a long time. It is advantageous to powder them and fill them in capsules because they are then all pretty much equally strong. Individual mushrooms can have quite different levels of potency, but the powder is well distributed. You can then try a few capsules and assess the strength. You can microdose and high-dose with the capsules.

The strongest level of the psychedelic experience is achieved by combining it with a so-called MAO inhibitor. The most sensible way to do this is to use Peganum harmala seeds, which contain harmin / harmalin and show reversible MAO inhibition. Peganum Harmala has a very disgusting taste and is also traditionally used as an emetic. Here we show a simple extraction of harmine / harmalin from Peganum Harmala seeds, which can also be done in every kitchen. If you give the extract in capsules, the nausea is minimal and magic mushrooms drunk as tea develop a very strong effect. A trip sitter should always be there.
The combination could be called Psilohuasca, the duration of action is extended, instead of a maximum of 8 hours, it can run for more than 12 hours.