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Product advice – microdosing

Product advice – microdosing

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is called the regulary intake of small amounts of psychedelics.

The aim is not to have any psychedelic experience but a smooth and subtime improvement of well-being and health.

Microdosing Magic Truffles does not produce and negative side effects or long term damages, is non addictive and should not be felt but in case of cluster headache patients and those with inflammated nerves: these people experience relief within minutes after the intae of their microdose. Others may not notify any effect until after a few days to a few weeks or regular microdosing have passed.

The most important effects:

+ improved focus / concentration
+ better mood
+ creatvity and empathy increase
+ ability to learn increases

  • decreasysy nervosity and stress
  • decreases pain and heals inflammations
  • reduces anxiety and brain fog
  • reduced sleeping problems

How to microdose the best way?

Generally, all our microdosing products are safe to use for everyone in any situation.

Natural microdosing with Magic Truffles has no negative side effects, no health damages and creates no addiction. Thus everyone can experiment and find the right dose and rhythm for himself.

For Microdosing with Magic Truffles, you deal with 3 factors
– costs
– time
– healing effect

Generally speaking: the less cost per time, the lower the healing effect per time and the longer it needs for the maximum improvement to occure.

Do I really need a protocol?

A microdosing protocol, like 5-2 / 4-3 (Stamets) or 1-2 / 1-3 (Fadiman) was developped for other than Magc Truffles and can be used for Magic Truffle Microdosing as well, but is usually not necessary. It can be a good start, anyway, if after some days you think you should take the Magic Truffles Microdose in a different rhythm or daily or just those days you feel you should take them, listen to your body!

There is neither a tolerance build up (to the opposite, with the time people take less) nor addiction or any health damage occuring, thus you can experiment without fear.

Some say there must be a break done for two days because of “tolerance” – that is not true. Cluster headach patients, especially in the first time, take their dose very day and it works every day. If they do not take, their strong pains returns. It takes months, sometimes years until the amount of Magic Truffles can be reduced and they take just one portion every few days to stay pain free.

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Fresh microdosing: Micro-Freya, Micro-Heimdall und Micro-Odin

Small bags with about 1g of fresh Magic Truffles for Microdosing, sealed.

Advantage: No scale necessary, one bag is one dose.

Disadvantage: needs cooling

Shelf life: up to three months in fridge.

Dosing: Every bag is one dose, easy to open.

magic truffles for microdosing and psychedelic trips, mimirs microdose, psilocybin fungi, provithor

Mimir microdosing

30 potions of air-dried Fenris Magic Truffles


  • can be stored at a dry place (can be warm) for more than a year
  • easy to dose individually
  • easy to carry around
  • airdried truffles are perfect for microdosing as they dissolve slowly in the digestion tract and release the active substances slowly

Shelf life: 12+ months, never in the fridge, never in closed containers, always at an airy dry place (can be warm).

Dosing: Open package, swallow dose.

Alternatives to Truffle Microdosing

Magic Mushroom Capsules

Some people prefer microdosing with mushrooms instead.

That’s also possible, but entails just a little more work, since these capsules cannot be sold directly.
To make them yourself, you need:

  • 1 Growbox
  • Drying machine (for drying fruit)
  • coffee mill
  • capsule making machine
  • empty capsules

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