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10% CBD Sport

Hempcare 10% CBD Sport is a specialized product for high performance athletes, most effective when dripped under the tongue.

Ideal product for anyone looking to optimize their sports performance with the help of CBD, as well as vitamins and proteins.

Read more about how CBD can benefit athletes below.


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CBD and Sports

Fun fact: If you could ask Mike Tyson for advice on how to get the most out of your training, he would probably point you to CBD.

The former boxing champion is head over heels with the powers of hemp and wants to put it into everything; sports drinks, muscle ointments, energy bars – you name it.

CBD is currently at the center of everyone’s attention when it comes to improving physical performance in a healthy, natural way.


The effects of CBD in athletics

Cannabidiol is said to…

  • help you stay in the moment
  • Lower pain levels and inflammation
  • speed up tissue regeneration
  • Improve sleep quality
  • relieve anxiety and tenseness


The product

10% CBD Hempcare Sport was developed by Hempcare in close collaboration with professional athletes.
1000mg CBD

  • 10/30ml of refined CBD + natural additives
  • perfectly balanced to help the body recover faster
  • contains terpenes, various cannabiols (like CBD and CBG), vitamins and proteins
  • has positive effects on both the active and rest phase of your workout



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