14-days Thortruffles (14g/ ≈6g)

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14g of fresh Thortruffles, 14 portions and one measuring spoon per shipment. Use the spoon to measure one dose for one day.

The Thortruffles are desiccated when they arrive at your place. The fresh weight is 14g, the desiccated weight varies between 5g and 7g depending on the grade of desiccation.

Please keep the silica-bag inside the thortruffles’ bag and close it airtight, to keep them usable for years, without cooling.

Recommendation: Take one dose daily!



14 portions for 14 days and one measuring spoon in one pack.

Use the spoon to take one dose every day. Swallow whole before or after breakfast or lunch.

Thortruffles can help:

    •  improve mood and attention
    •  increase solution-orientated thinking and productivity
    •  boost creativity
    • facilitate learning and memory
    • relieve anxiety, improve empathy
    • reduce stress
    • decrease substance craving
    • promote release of anti-inflammatory hormones

How do Thortruffles work?

Thortruffles naturally contain very consistent amounts of psilocybin.

Psilocybin is a tryptamin that is transformed into psilocin inside the human body. Due to its chemical structure, psilocin acts on the brain’s receptors for serotonin, a hormone that’s colloquially known as

the “happiness hormone”.

Serotonin plays a key role in regulation of mood, and sense of self worth, but also available energy and attention span.

People with depression and anxiety often have low serotonin levels. This often shows in their mood, posture, lack of energy and sense of self – there’s just not enough serotonin there.

By stimulating the serotonin receptors, microdosing often gives people a boost to both their productivity (increased energy) and creativity (increased connectivity between brain regions). In the long run, this tends to lead to an improved sense of well-being.

The risk of accidentally overdosing a microdosis of Thortruffles is virtually non-existent.

A gram of them will always contain the same amount of psilocybin. This distinguishes them from “magic mushrooms”, where potency can oscillate quite wildly.

Perceived differences in the potency of truffles are usually due to other factors; your height, body weight, metabolism and how full or empty your stomach is can all cause the effects to develop at different speeds.

Could Thortruffles heal me / my friend / my family member?

To be able to make true claims about healing effects, one needs scientific studies in some greater number than is currently available.

Although scientific studies are being made, it is too early to claim anything. There are hints that support the opinion that Thortruffles can help with a lot of mental and bodily problems. Thus, it’s worth the try, but there is no guarantee that it will indeed heal you, your friend or family member.

ProviThor emphasizes that Thortruffles are produced and marketed as “healthy food”, not as “food supplement” or “medicine” that means, without any claimed effect.

Thortruffles are food. Wonderful, healthy food that appears to make people feel really good.

Can I microdose Thortruffles and go to work?

Can you not microdose and still go to work?

Just kidding.

But yes, of course you can. If you’re microdosing properly, you’re sober, but sharper and more in tune with yourself. There are even indications that microdosing can greatly increase the likeliness of enterint into a flow state, in which all work flows perfectly and effortlessly.

There should be no alteration to your perception or reaction time with a microdosis. If you feel a perceivable difference, lower the dosis until effects are just sub-perceptual.

Once that’s achieved, you can safely go to work, drive a car, go about all your daily business. After all, it’s supposed to enhance your life, not limit it!

How much should I microdose?

We got a spoon for that.

The product is shipped with a 0,5 ml measuring spoon or in prepacked portions.

One portion daily is a good amount to start with. Then you can observe yourself and adjust the amount to what you feel to be the right amount for you.

The range goes from two portions per day (one in the morning, one at midday) to half a portion every three days.

If you feel the effects being “too strong”, reduce. Try to zero in on that sweet spot just below the perception threshold. Microdosing should leave you free to do anything you want in full control of yourself – but better.

How quickly will I feel the effects?

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.

(Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland)


How quickly you feel the effects of microdosing with Thortruffles depends first and foremost on your own sensitivity for changes in your state of mind. We’ve had people report back as quickly as 2 days into their microdosing practice report back that they were blown away with how well it helped them focus and articulate.

Others need days to note any changes. For yet others, it’s weeks. And we’ve even heard from people who supposedly don’t notice any difference themselves, but keep going because their friends or family remark on how they seem so much more relaxed or happy.


How much you take will obviously influence your experience a great deal. The standard regime is to eat 1 blister bubble or 1 measuring spoon in the morning, every day.

This seems to be right for most people, but it’s not an iron law. Lower doses are always possible and if you want to crank it up, just take care and go about it slowly. 1 spoon too wasn’t? Okay, try 1 spoon + 1/5th of a spoon the next day. If you’re impatient and go for 2 spoons the next day, you might cross the sub-perception border and have to deal with altered perception.

To chew or not to chew

Generally, we recommend swallowing the daily dose whole, with water – no chewing.
We get it if you’d like to know what you’re putting into your body and therefore want to chew and taste it all the way through, but please be aware that this may have effects that usually unfold over many hours kick in within minutes. Instead of the stomach having to break up the chewy little truffles, it can absorb it all in short time – even shorter if you’re microdosing on an empty stomach.

This is great if it’s intentional, but there’s a chance of otherwise sub-perceptual effects suddenly becoming noticeable. Also, it’s over faster, so it likely won’t last you the whole day.


This one is hard to pin down, but nonetheless important.
The goal you have in mind when you start microdosing can determine the outcome quite a bit.

If what you intend is genuinely good for you, there’s a good chance that microdosing Thortruffles can support that endeavor.

A few examples of a solid intent might be:

  • “I have this job/hobby that I love, in which I’d like to focus and perform better.”
  • “I want to improve my relationship with my family.”
  • “I want to acquire healthier habits like a balanced diet, drinking more water, stretching in the morning.”
  • “I want to listen to my body better to treat it the way I should and get fit / improve my workouts.”
  • “I want to get away from substances or behavior that I know are bad for me.”

On the other hand, there are sometimes intentions we think we pursue, but subconsciously we work against them…

  • “I hate my job, but need something to help me work longer hours.”
  • “Something’s not right in my close relationships and I need something to help me compensate and feel happy regardless.”
  • “I want to understand people around me better in order to manipulate them more effectively.”
  • “I want to force myself into working out in ways that I never do because I find them incredibly boring.”
  • “I have habits that I know are harmful to me, but I’m looking for ways to feel better about myself without having to rethink them.”

As a rule of thumb, Microdosing Thortruffles won’t be a great help if you’re working against yourself. If you’re trying to beat and force yourself into certain habits or willfully ignoring your body’s signals, you’ll likely end up with the feeling of “This isn’t doing anything for me.”, or worse, it can augment your discomfort. This might result in fatigue, headaches and other ways of your body seemingly sabotaging your agenda.

Microdosing can work as a sort of canary in the mine, pointing out where you’re working against yourself.

If that’s the case, pause for a moment and consider. Is there anything you can focus on that would truly add value to your life, that could be better if you gave it a bit more attention? Then that could be your microdosing intent.

Do I have to worry about addiction?

Thortruffles are 100% non-addictive.

Psilocybin is actually known to have anti-addictive effects when taken in larger doses. For microdoses, studies are still too scarce, but we have reasons to think it sub-perceptually influences substance craving.

We’ve had some anecdotal reports of people losing their taste for excess coffee, energy drinks and overly sugary sweets while microdosing.

The bigger worry is consistency.

Taking a microdosis every day actually requires more discipline than not taking it.

Even we sometimes forget, despite having to do with Thortruffles daily!

How do you ship?

With greeeeaaat care.

We ship from The Netherlands and offer two ways:

A cheap one without Track & Trace, for 8€, same price worldwide.

This takes 3 to 20 days, depending on your location.

Express shipping, with Track & Trace.

Price depends on your location and the shipping time is between 1 and 5 days.

Isn’t Psilocybin illegal?

Pure psilocybin

was declared illegal worldwide in 1971, but that’s not what we’re offering and it’s likely not even what you want.

Pure psilocybin is a white crystal that is hard to make, hard to store, very difficult to dose and impossible to sell or buy in the normal world. It’s just too damn strong and could probably be used criminally, to poison, drug or incapacitate someone clandestinely.

All of the above things, truffles are not – they’re safe, natural, easy to dose, freely available and quite impossible to abuse, especially to cause harm to others.

Pure psilocybin is controversial – a few crystals in a drink could take a person out for a few hours –
Some Thortruffles in a drink will mainly cause raised eyebrows.

Thortruffles in a drink are fooling nobody.

But of course, there were other factors causing the strict and silly laws around psilocybin. The UN convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971 classified Psilocybin  as a schedule I drug (by definition one with high abuse potential and no medicinal value – that alone is a blatant misstatement of facts.)

This treaty was an extension on the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. Together these two treaties basically formed the US government’s justification for criminalizing two groups; the anti-war left and black people. Declaring the substances of their choice illegal allowed the federation to crack down heavily on these communities, filling the prisons and stirring up hatred and intolerance among the broader population.

Their claims on the bad effects of some of the banned substances, psilocybin and marijuana among others, were based on blatant lies and propaganda. Fortunately, in recent years, it seems like the times are changing. The FDA has announced that possibly they would have to reconsider the placement of psilocybin on the “no medicinal value” schedule – in the face of overwhelming evidence of its utility.

Organisms containing Psilocybin


Such as psilocybin mushrooms and truffles, growing and living in many places around the world, were not made illegal by the 1971-UN-treaty.

Thortruffles are 100% legal in accordance this UN-treaty and they are openly produced and marketed in the Netherlands (EU). Until 2009, psilocybin mushrooms were also still available in the Netherlands and enjoyed great popularity there.

A risk assessment of these mushrooms, made in 2007 by the dutch CAM (Coördinatiepunt Assessment en Monitoring nieuwe drugs) declared them to be risk-free for individual and social health, with the best possible strategy being to keep them legal and control production. Criminalization could only lead to people moving on to more dangerous substances. Replacement with safer substances was ruled out by the fact, that there is nothing safer.

Criminalizing psilocybin mushrooms, this governmental institution assessed, would be bad for public health.

This assessment is still available on the website of this governmental institution:

(dutch) Risk assessment of psilocin and psilocybin containing mushrooms 2007

Still, in 2009 the dutch government spontaneously decided to ignore their own peoples’ advice. A real slick move they directly copied from the UN in 1961, ignoring all their own studies showing that the various substances they wanted to ban were in fact no threat to individual health.

Pointing to their varying potency, they declared the mushrooms unsafe and banned them from the dutch shops.

However hard they tried though, this argument simply wouldn’t hold for psilocybin (Thor-)truffles.

Thortruffles stayed legally available and are to this day.

How do Thortruffles compare to LSD?

To explain the comparison, think about how a melon compares to a gallon of high fructose corn syrup.

Both are sweet. In the same way, both, Thortruffles and LSD are both called “psychedelics”.

But the human body is prepared to eat melons and nobody’s killed themselves with melons, ever.
High fructose corn syrup on the other hand is known to cause a wide variety of diseases and is certainly lethal in high enough doses.

You get the picture. Thortruffles: Safe, natural, legal. // LSD: artificial, potentially very dangerous, illegal.

Now, let’s dive deeper.

LSD is an artificial psychedelic that was long ago synthesized from ergot – a toxic mold growing on rye that when consumed raw causes ergotism, a form of poisoning. Ergot was also known as St. Anthony’s Fire – named after the violent burning sensation in the limbs – and it must have reached a high death count in the middle ages, its biggest recorded hit being an ergotism epidemy with approx. 40.000 deaths.

Since, apart from all the burning and vomiting, ergotism could also cause mania and mass hysteria in poisoned populations, it’s been argued that it may have lead to the deadliest witch hunt in the history of colonial North America, the Salem witch trials.
Thanks, ergot.

LSD itself has a record of negative long-term effects and has a dark history of causing psychosis and outbreaks of schizophrenia. The blanket term “psychedelics” has certainly done the reputation of psychoactive mushrooms and truffles no good.


There is no evidence for long-term negative effects of naturally growing Thortruffles and mushrooms – and Millions of people have used such Psilocybin-containing organisms during the last two decades. There is good reason to assume that such organisms have been used for millennia all around the world in spiritual and ritual context.

But why not let death have the last word?

It’s not possible to die from a Thortruffle overdose, period.

While it would be possible (though NOT recommended!) to eat large quantities and enter into altered states of consciousness for about 6 hours, no way, even with a gun to your head, could you eat enough to die from it.

Drinking a bottle of LSD, while unlikely and probably very difficult, is a sure way to a grueling death.

Death – no death. Let’s stick to Thortruffles, kay?

3 reviews for 14-days Thortruffles (14g/ ≈6g)

  1. John

    Top product, high amount of psilocybin!
    Shipment arrived after 5 working days (USA), well packed.

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  2. Andres (verified owner)

    I ordered and paid for the 14g bag, but bag had 6g. Besides that, the product is good.

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    • admin (store manager)

      Hi Andres!
      Please see the information on this homepage. We ship 14g FRESH thortruffles with desiccator in the bag.
      You received exactly the same amount of truffles and substance inside – just they are desiccated, so most of the water is gone.

      That is, why the customer receives between 6g and 8g. Whatever amount it is (the grade of desiccation varies with temperature and delivery time), it equals 14 portions of 1g fresh Thortruffles.

      The measuring spoon measures 1 portion of desiccated! Do NOT take 1g of desiccated thortruffles daily, that is too much.
      In your case, as 6g arrived, take (6/14)g = 0.42g als daily portion!!

  3. Andres (verified owner)

    My error, product is good and what is offer is what you get. I didn’t pay attention to the description.
    Delivery was fast.

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