3 X Microdosing XP (18 portions total)

29.99 14.99 incl. 21% Btw(Mwst/VAT)



3 Microdosing XP blisters: One blister contains 6 x 1g fresh magic truffles for Psilocybin microdosing.

Since 13th September 2019 magic truffles are legalized EU luxury food!

The national tax office of the Netherlands published a clear statement on magic truffles: “Unlike magic mushrooms, they are not forbidden.”


These Organic magic truffles are categorized as luxury food. They are not consumed for their nutritional value, but for the pleasant effects on mood and health. Psilocybin truffles are a natural food – not medicine!

Microdosing XP is a legal product for psychedelic microdosing for all citizens of EU member countries. The truffles are especially bred for this purpose and ProviThor recommends adhering to a microdosing protocol.

Microdosing XP, magic truffles can help:

    • improve mood and attention (study)
    • increase solution-orientated thinking and productivity (study)
    • boost creativity (study)
    • relieve anxiety and negative emotion (study)
    • reduce stress (study)
    • decrease substance craving (e.g. smoking)
    • promote release of anti-inflammatory hormones (article)

Microdosing XP truffles are living organisms.



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