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One blister, with 6 portions of about 1g (fresh when shipping) Thortruffles for microdosing psilocybin.

The thortruffles arrive in a dry state, do not need cooling and stay usable for a very long time (years) if stored correctly. Keep them dry and return the blister into its ziplock after taking out one portion.

Food! No exchange and no return.

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One blister with 6 x 1g (fresh when shipped) Thortruffles for Psilocybin microdosing each.

The Thortruffles dry during shipment. This way they do not need cooling and stay usable for a very long time (years).

The dried Thortruffles are rather hard, they can be chewed but are best swallowed whole.

This way they release the psilocybin even slower (retardation effect) and are even better suited for microdosing!

Thortruffles can help:

    • improve mood and attention
    • increase solution-orientated thinking and productivity
    • boost creativity
    • facilitate learning and memory
    • relieve anxiety, improve empathy
    • reduce stress
    • decrease substance craving
    • promote release of anti-inflammatory hormones

1 review for 1 blister 6x1g

  1. Robert

    The best microdosing product!
    Easy to use, works well.
    Shipment took one week.
    I will definitely order again!

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