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Brain and Body – 60 days of high performance supplements

159.95 incl. VAT

Performance, endurance, sleep quality and learning ability.

These 4 aspects, combined with the crystal clear focus of Microdosing, bring the energy we need to rise above.

  • Cordyceps
  • Chaga
  • Reishi
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Magic Truffles

60 days of nutrients for optimal performance

Our body and brain can only function optimally if we consistently feed them the right nutrients.

Medicinal mushrooms are used so much in Chinese medicine precisely because it’s a lot about building up, resilience and tapping hidden potential. And in that, mushrooms are unbeatable.

But also the unity of body and mind plays an important role. If you want to improve yourself, you have to consider both.



Cordyceps (120 capsules, one per day)

to enhance athletic performance and improve calory burning

+ keeps blood pressure and blood sugar levels in check


Chaga(120 capsules, one per day)

to cleanse your blood and increase physical endurance

+ great inflammation protection


Reishi (120 capsules, one per day)

to buff your stress resistance and improve sleep quality

+ immune boost



Lion’s mane extract (120 capsules, one per day)

to fortify your synapses and speed up learning

+ protection against depression and Alzheimer’s


Microdosing  (30 portions, every second day)

to open your perception and unlock your potential for rapid growth

+ emotional relief and frequent flow states


Here’s how

Capsules: Ideally, take 1 capsule each of Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi and Chaga after breakfast, the second during the afternoon low (between 13:00-17:00).

It is even easier to simply wash down 2 capsules each in the morning with a glass of water.

Microdosing: Take the microdosing every other day in the morning after breakfast. Gladly together with the capsules.

If you like, you can also make it “every day” or “every three days”. This is a matter of taste and how it works best is for everyone find out intuitively for themselves.




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