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10% CBD & CBG Hempcare Sleep

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A blend of natural hemp extracts with high CBD and CBG content for optimal sleep.

Well suited for regular use, no psychoactive effects.

  • Regulates the processing of emotional memory.
  • Relieves anxiety and excessive stress
  • Lowers unwanted tension and blood pressure
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
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CBG and CBD for a better sleep

In many cases, CBD improves the quality of sleep. While most people know that CBD can help derease stress and anxiety, it is important to also note that it helps regulate emotion and emotional memory processing – which is a crucial function of sleep and dreaming.

It also lowers tension and relieves anxiety, which allows for deeper and more restorative rest.

As for CBG, you can picture it as the mother of all Cannabinoids. It is the base molecule from which CBD and THC (not contained in this product!) are derived.

Its properties are similar to those of CBD, but have an even broader spectrum of positive physical effects.


Effects of CBD and CBG

  • Regulates emotional memory processing
  • Alleviates anxiety and excessive stress
  • Lowers unwanted tension and blood pressure
  • anti-imflammtatory effects


However, the effect of CBD on sleep differs per user. Many users notice, sometimes after just a few days, that they fall asleep more easily. Then they go through all the sleep cycles and wake up rested. Others wake up in between, but still report a significant improvement in sleep quality thanks to CBD.
Getting into deep sleep during the first cycle is the most important, according to sleep experts. When this is successful, the chance of a complete good sleep, and therefore a good recovery, is greatest. The soothing effect of hempcare CBD Sleep is ideally suited for this.

Stages of sleep

To understand how CBD supports sleep, it is good to know what happens when we sleep. During a sleep there are four sleep stages that we go through several times.
1. Phase 1 is the brief transition from awake to light sleep. Gradually, in about 15 minutes, heart rate, breathing and brain activity slow down.
2. In phase 2 you are asleep, but not yet in the deepest sleep. You can still easily be woken up in this phase.
3. Phase 3 is deep sleep and it is essential for your health. In this phase, your body recovers and your brain organizes your experiences of the day.
4. And finally, there is a fourth stage called REM stage.

In a normal sleep cycle, you go through each phase and have five or six cycles in the eight hours you sleep. The time you are in a certain phase does change. In the first cycle, after about an hour and a half, you will enter the REM phase for ten minutes. Whereas in the last cycle, shortly before waking up, you are briefly in phase 3 and the longest in the REM phase.



Hempcare recommends starting with 5 drops of CBD RUBY 2 times a day under the tongue. Leave it there for about 20 seconds.

The effects tend to become noticeable after a few days. How quickly this sets in depends on the sensitivity of the user.

In the event of an early undesirable reaction, the recommended intake can be reduced. In all cases, the intake can also be increased. There is no risk of overdosage, as the body only absorbs what it needs.



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