Freshbox Odin

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Magic truffle freshbox with 100% mycelium, containing already >40g fresh truffles.

The truffles grow inside a filter-sealed box. Keep away from direct sunlight!

Thortruffles grow underground and therefore do not need any light. Store them in a dark place if you can.

Mycelium produces sclerotia to store nutrients. While growing, they look brownish and somewhat “fluffy”. This is mycelium (“magic mold”) and not a sign of contamination (“bad mold”)!



Why you should harvest your own magic truffles

By the time you receive the box, the truffles have already grown for at least 8 months. They are mature, but they can still develop over another 6 months and will become stronger and build up more in weight during that time.

That makes freshboxes the ideal product for longer shipping times and for storing magic truffles for later use for the well prepared psychonaut.

Once they are harvested, the magic truffles gradually lose potency. But in the freshbox, they slowly gain more potency. Store in dark a dark place.


This is how it works:

Open the lid and then you can simply pick the truffles by hand; carefully dig them out of the substrate and rinse off remaining crumbs with water.

The truffles are now at their maximum potency! It is best to consume them on the same day, the sooner the better. You can store them in a fridge for a few days as well.

In case you want to make your microdoses yourself, you can dry the truffles, powder them and fill into capsules, about 0.3g should be in one capsule (size “0” is best).





The Thortruffle variety Odin is one of the strongest among them. It is particularly compact and contains less water, compared to others.

The color of Odin truffles varies between shades of brown and grey. They grow for about 8-14 months.

For more information about the effects, please check the harvested truffles Odin!

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