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Freya, goddess of love, marriage and spring. At the same time teacher of magic and leader of the Valkyries.

Freya is considered the most famous of the Nordic goddesses. It combines the attributes of love, loyalty and growth on the one hand, with those of chaos, magic and the indomitable fighting spirit on the other.

Freya is undoubtedly one of the most complex deities and also gives the name to Frey-day.

The Freya truffle has a reputation for producing trips that are gentle in nature. It is also known for its particularly pronounced effects on empathy and connectedness to nature.


The Thortruffle variety Freya produces small truffles, that are easy to dose individually.

They grow over a course of 6-7 months and are ideal for beginners who want to be able to control the dosing easily.

Their color is usually light brown to umbra.

Psychedelic effects

When used responsibly, Freya produces powerful psychedelic experiences of the third kind that work at all levels.

Limits dissolve both visually and socially, which leads to unique empathy.

Due to their size, Freya truffles are also very attractive for microdosing and low dosing (1/5-1/3 pack for light effects / 1/3-2/3 pack for a medium dose). This can be an excellent, very smooth introduction to magic truffles. When comfortable with occurring effects, one can always upgrade it.

Empathy, closeness to nature, magical thinking


It is also important to mind the set and setting. This includes external circumstances, but also your attitude! It is advisable to start the trip in a safe environment (e.g. at home).

Negative emotions are not the end of the world. It is important to accept and understand them. This is the quickest way to work past them. Resistance breeds stress. There is also little point in denying what comes from within.

By the way: The expression “bad trip” comes from the world of LSD. It has no place in talking about truffles. There are neither flashbacks nor the risk of “getting stuck”. Whatever you experience, it’s over after 6 hours.
What remains is the memory. Unlike with alcohol, it is usually crystal clear.



Freya Thortruffles are especially well suited for…

Freya is an extremely user-friendly variety and a great choice for beginners. It can also be shared and allows the user to fine-tune the strength of their experience.

This is great for an experience in nature, which is no doubt one of the best set-ups possible.


Before using for high dosing, the truffles needs to be soaked in liquid for 6-12 hours. Please check the instructions in the package! For psychedelic effects: you must chew very well!


A bit of background knowledge: Who is Freya?

(Freya is the the original cat lover. She rides around in style in a wagon pulled by cats. That was new to us, too…)


Similar varieties: Heimdall, Loki, Mimir


Sometimes, when cells of the Thortruffles get bruised, they stain blue. This stems from the interaction of a natural enzyme with the substance psilocybin. Thus, this is not a sign of faulty production or a bad product, but rather a natural occurrence and sign of their potency.


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