Freya – 15 portions (high durability microdosing)

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Freya is the goddess of love, marriage and spring. At the same time, she’s a teacher of magic and leader of the Valkyries.

Freya is considered the most famous of the Nordic goddesses. She combines the attributes of love, loyalty and growth on the one hand, with those of chaos, magic and the indomitable fighting spirit on the other.

Freya is undoubtedly one of the most complex deities and is also the namesake of friday (Frey-day)

As the Freya truffle are small, they are perfect for microdosing with a small measuring spoon.

Freya – Microdosing

The Thortruffle variety Freya are small truffles, that are easy to dose individually.

They grow over a course of 5-7 months and are light brown to umbra.

The product

15-17 portions of truffles of the variety Freya for regular ingestion with no psychedelic effects.

1 spoon (included) = 1 regular daily dosis

These truffles have extremely high durability and can be kept anywhere dry. This makes them ideal for microdosing. They yield the best results when swallowed whole, with the first meal of the day.

This product is meant for microdosing, but can be used for for psychedelic experiences as well.

Please check the instructions for more information on use for high doses (15P instruction), or microdosing.


The effects of microdosing are sub-perceptual. Regular Microdosing promotes nerve-growth, and mental stability, making it the ideal addition to your morning coffee.


Balance, patience, mental agility


Freya is a perfect solution for imbuing the every day experience with some of the magic and impowerment of the truffles, without hindering your daily routine. No perceptual distortion, no fatigue, no distraction.

(This only applies if dosed correctly, do not exceed the recommended dose of 1 portion = one measuring spoon per day!)

The air-dehydrated truffles must be swallowed without chewing – that way, the effect spreads over the whole day.

A bit of background knowledge: Who is Freya?

(Freya is the the original cat lover. She rides around in style in a wagon pulled by cats, collecting the souls of fallen warriors and sending them home. The other half goes with Odin. )


3 reviews for Freya – 15 portions (high durability microdosing)

  1. Stephen Greaves

    I have microdosed for the first time with Freya and it has deffinatley had a positive effect.
    I have also out of curiosity consumed one whole packet amount as supplied. I would agree this is perfect for curious beginners.
    Personally there is no psychedelic effect but a lovely calming, comfortable and relaxing feel.
    I would recommend this to beginners.

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    • Lilli (store manager)

      Hi! How did you consume the whole bag? Usually, it has a psychedelice effect, but just swallowing the hard truffle cells does not work like it does with Magic Mushrooms! The truffles, for high dosing, need to be prepared, soaked and chewn very well or powdered and mixed into a liquid or extracted with DMSO.
      The hard truffle cells, wenn just swallowed, dissolve SLOWLY in the digesting system and do not create a “trip” – much different to soft mushroom cells that release the substances in the cells fast.

  2. Andreas (verified owner)

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    not strong

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  3. Blake (verified owner)

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    I found this one to have a pleasant feel.

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