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Heimdall is also known as the shining god. He is the guardian of the rainbow bridge between the worlds and has the sharpest senses of all gods.

As the guardian of the gods, Heimdall sees hundreds of kilometers in the dark as well as in the light. His hearing is so good that he can listen to the grass as it grows – Heimdall doesn’t miss anything that he focuses on.

He also has the gift of foresight.


The Thortruffle variety Heimdall is one of the oldest varieties that has been bred for decades and is still very popular.

The taste of this variety is milder, but the effect is therefore not less strong.

Heimdall truffles are particularly dark and quite tiny. Like Freya, they are quite handy to dose because of their petite size.

Psychedelic effects

The trips brought about by Heimdall are particularly suitable for dealing with unexplained emotions and past events.

This feature gives them an air of seriousness, for processing unresolved experiences tends to come with a great deal of emotion. On the other hand, leaving behind old grievances can bring about avalanches of relief and love.

As a result, Heimdall often enables a new perspective on what’s to come.

Knowledge, foresight and planning, preparation

It is important to have both set and setting under control. Both outside conditions and inner attitude can influence the outcome of an entheogenic experience heavily. It is advisable to have these in a safe and familiar environment (for example, at home).

If any negative emotions should arise during the experience, that is no cause for alarm. The infamous expression “bad trip” really originates from the much more potent and dangerous psychedelic LSD. There is no such thing as “getting stuck” on a magic truffle trip.

It is best to remain calm and lean into the arising emotions as much as possible.


Heimdall Thortruffles are especially well suited for…

Heimdall is suitable for psychonauts of all levels of experience who want to illuminate their lives with vigilance and keen senses.

Before using for high dosing, the truffles needs to be soaked in liquid for 6-12 hours. Please check the instructions in the package! For psychedelic effects: you must chew very well!


A bit of background knowledge: Who is Heimdall? … or Heimdallr?

(It is Heimdall‘s job to watch over the Bifröst, the rainbow bridge at the entrance to the homeworld of gods. He is apparently the son of 9 mothers. Details are not explained… That was new for us as well.)


Similar varieties: Freya, Loki, Yggdrasil


Sometimes, when cells of the Thortruffles get bruised, they stain blue. This stems from the interaction of a natural enzyme with the substance psilocybin. Thus, this is not a sign of faulty production or a bad product, but rather a natural occurence and sign of their potency.

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