Jack Herer 5 seeds

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5 feminized seeds of the cannabis plant Jack Herer.

Flowers within 10 weeks

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Jack Herer seeds

5 feminized seeds of the cannabis plant Jack Herer.

This is a sativa-dominant (around 55%) Haze hybrid whose exact genetic formula remains something of a guarded secret.
The Herer strain has nine Cannabis Cup titles to its name, making it one of the most-awarded varieties in history

It is thought to be a lovechild of Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk, known for its citrus scent and flavour. Jack Herer offers a nicely balanced feeling with both cerebral and physical effects, which have served to make it immensely popular with medical and recreational users alike.


The product

  • THC content : average
  • CBD content : low
  • medical grade strain


The effects

  • Relieves pain, stress and anxiety
  • stimulate thought, mood, and alertness
  • may cause arousal, should be avoided by those suffering from insomnia



  • 22-26° Celsius
  • be sure to top and flower soon after the plants take root
  • can reach heights of 8 feet (2,50m!) in some conditions
  • flowers within 10 weeks



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