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Loki, the shape-shifter, is the craftiest of the gods.

Of all the gods, Loki is the most volatile, but also the most versatile. He fights for as well as against the other gods and takes on innumerable shapes and roles.



The Thortruffle Loki has the longest tradition of all varieties. It was discovered in Mexiko in 1961 and has since been optimized for cultivation.

They grow approximately 8-9 months and have a strikingly beautiful golden color.

Before using for high dosing, the truffles needs to be soaked in liquid for 6-12 hours. Please check the instructions in the package! For psychedelic effects: you must chew very well!


Psychedelic effects

This variety is especially valuable for the elaboration and developments of concepts and ideas from different perspectives.

They often produce intellectually oriented experiences with great empathy on language. Fluid verbalization is a frequently experienced trait. A hint to the vast range of brain connections they fire up.

This can be enjoyed alone or in company, but we recommend having the experience only in a familiar environment.

Versatility, Independence, Eloquence

It is also important to mind the set and setting. This includes external circumstances, but also your attitude! It is advisable to start the trip in a safe environment (e.g. at home).

Negative emotions are not the end of the world. It is important to accept and understand them. This is the quickest way to work past them. Resistance breeds stress. There is also little point in denying what comes from within.

By the way: The expression “bad trip” comes from the world of LSD. It has no place in talking about truffles. There are neither flashbacks nor the risk of “getting stuck”. Whatever you experience, it’s over after 6 hours.
What remains is the memory. Unlike with alcohol, it is usually crystal clear.



Loki Thortruffles are especially suitable for…

Their specific chemical balance makes this variety into a true all-rounder. Both beginners and veterans will enjoy the experience, if it is well prepared.

Loki truffles are quite sturdy and can be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks after opening (always check the smell!)

They‘re also one of the prettiest kind. Just, ya know… in case someone cares about aesthetics as much as we do 😉



A bit of background knowledge: Who‘s Loki?

(On one of his adventures, Loki transforms himself into a mare and finds himself a stud. He then begets the eight-legged horse “Sleipnir”, which he ends up giving to his bloodbrother Odin. That was new for us as well…)


Similar varieties: Heimdall, Freya


Sometimes, when cells of the Thortruffles get bruised, they stain blue. This stems from the interaction of a natural enzyme with the substance psilocybin. Thus, this is not a sign of faulty production or a bad product. It’s a natural occurence and sign of their potency.

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