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Microdosing starter pack (30 portions)

49.95 incl. VAT

See what works best for you; fresh or dry?

Both microdosing varieties in one product:

  • 3 x 5g Fresh Microdosing
  • 15 x 1g of Mimir’s Microdose

Fresh Microdosing is best consumed soon after reception, while Mimir’s can be kept for a long time.

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How does the whole microdosing thing work?

If this question seems like a hurdle to you, you’re not alone.

Actually, you can’t do anything wrong with microdosing.

We have therefore combined all available varieties in small quantities into one product. They are all good, but which one suits you exactly?



Fresh Microdosing & Mimir’s Microdose

15g vacuum sealed fresh truffles + 15 portions of long shelf life microdosing truffles Mimir ( Microdosing Explained )

3x5g of fresh magic truffles – 1g is a standard microdose for 1 day and can be spooned out (3 spoons=1g).

The individual packaging maintains freshness. Mimir contains 15 portions of long shelf life microdosing truffles.

Main active compounds: Psilocybin, Serotonin, Baeocystin



Fresh Microdosing:

  • Contains live truffles in a ziplock bag, for optimal freshness
  • Should be kept in the fridge to keep the truffles in hibernation!
  • Lasts at least 3 months in the fridge



  • extremely long shelf life
  • ideal for taking with you


The benefits of Microdosing

  • Improves focus
  • Optimizes learning ability ( “Neuroplasticity” )
  • Boosts productivity
  • Enhances mood
  • Increases Creativity ( “divergent thinking” )
  • Lowers overall pain levels
  • Brings down addiction, obsessive thought patterns and substance craving


The impact

  • Should stay sub-perceptual
  • Is meant to optimize, not hinder your day to day
  • Comes out best if you microdose after the first meal of the day
  • Is easily perceived with the use of a Microdosing Protocol
  • Should kick in after 5-10 days of use


About Microdosing

Microdosing on an empty stomach can lead to an unwanted rush of the effects that comes on too strong and subsides too quickly.
We therefore recommend taking your microdose after the first meal of the day.

This way, the effects are “watered down” and last much longer, but are also softer and do not become overwhelming.

The effects are supposed to always remain subperceptual and should become noticeable after 5-10 days of microdosing.
Perceiving these effects can be made a lot easier with the help of protocols and journaling.

1 package contains 1g of fresh psychedelic truffles. This is an average microdose for a day.
If you’re microdosing for the first time, you could also start with just half a portion and keep the rest in the fridge.



Once you open the fresh truffles in a non-sterile environment, they become vulnerable to contamination.

  • Blue bruises = harmless, these are the active substances reacting with oxygen
  • white fluff = harmless, this is a sign the truffles are no longer in hibernation and are growing
  • Green fluff = do not eat! If there is mold building up on the truffles, something’s wrong and you should not eat them.


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