MIMIR MICRODOSE (7 portions)

9.95 incl. VAT



The ideal product for daily microdosing.

Mimir contains 7 seperate portions of magic truffles with an extremely long shelf life.

The packaging es especially designed to have the truffles lose water over time, but maintain full potency!


The product:

  • Does not need cooling
  • 1g of fresh weight per portion (minus up to 70% water)
  • Extremely long shelf life without potency loss (12+ months)
  • Super easy handling, ideal for daily use
  • Contains tiny truffles that are best swallowed whole
  • Mimir/ Micromex is one of the smallest truffle varieties


The effects of microdosing…

  • Should enhance, not hinder your day
  • Need to be sub-perceptual
  • Unfold best if taken with the first meal of the day

The benefits of microdosing

  • Improves focus
  • Optimizes learning ability ( “Neuroplasticity” )
  • Boosts productivity
  • Enhances mood
  • Increases Creativity ( “divergent thinking” )
  • Lowers overall pain levels
  • Brings down addiction, obsessive thought patterns and substance craving



  • Simply take after the first meal of the day with a glass of water
  • Don’t chew, just swallow. What happens:
    • The hard truffles are broken down slowly in the body
    • No “flush/head rush” from effects coming on too strong
    • subtle effects for 6-10h
    • Ideal for working days, no danger of “overdosing”
    • No buildup of tolerance
    • Excellent pure microdose experience


Keep out of sunlight, no cooling needed.


Why Mimir?

Mimir is in fact not a god, but a giant watching over the well of wisdom.

He drinks from this well every morning, which has made him into the wisest of all beings.

Odin sacrifices his left eye for a single sip from the same well and frequently asks Mimir’s advice.


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