Golden Teacher (Psilocybe Cubensis) Mushroom Grow Box

49.90 incl. 21% Btw(Mwst/VAT)

1200ml mycelium grow box, ready for mushroom cultivation.

Yield: up to 50g of dry mushrooms

Costs for stealthy shipping included in the price!

Mushroom growboxes are a “grey market product” in the Netherlands. Mushroom mycelium boxes DO NOT contain mushrooms and do not contain psilocybin, but are suitable for the cultivation of Magic Mushrooms.




So many people asked us to offer Magic Mushroom grow boxes as well.

Please note:

Magic mushrooms are not legal in the Netherlands.
The grow boxes are a product of the grey market. Dutch authorities choose to ignore them in small quantities. Production is handled under strict hygiene protocols and with full knowledge of dutch authorities.

It’s the customer’s responsibility to check the legal status their country assigns to this product, before purchase.

If problems arise, ProviThor B.V. can offer no support regarding this product.*


The Product

1200ml 100% mycelium grow box for mushroom cultivation. All you need to grow potent Magic Mushrooms.

Shipping costs included.

Stealthy shipping for reduced risk of trouble (Cultivation envelope sent seperately)

Yield: Up to 50g of dry mushrooms

As a natural product, there’s no guarantee as to the yield of your grow box.
Fluctuations in temperature or any type of radiation can damage the mycelium.
Do not store for more than a few weeks before use. No refund or exchanges.

Please do not exceed 1 grow box order per week. Contact us for larger quantities:


The growbox can be put to use as soon as it arrives. Place in a warm and shaded location, read the instruction PDF!

Depending on the circumstances, mushrooms will start sprouting after 4-14 days. One box yields 3 or more flushes.

Please download and read the growing instructions!


About the Mushroom

Psilocybe Cubensis is actually the easiest to grow of all mushrooms, including culinary or medicinal mushrooms.

Likely, people have cultivated theses mushrooms for millenia, spreading them around the world. That’s why there are so many “strains” that are variations of this one kind of Magic Mushroom.
The origin of the “Golden Teacher” strain is shrouded in mystery. Their potency is legendary and the ease of growing them makes them ideal for home cultivation.
The perfect candidate for anyone who wants to experience the joy of growing mushrooms and the power of healing and insight they offer.



We are doing our best to ship in a stealthy way so that you receive your growbox without problems. We cannot guarantee delivery for this product.

This product can only be shipped with Track and Trace to:
Europe, USA, Canada, Australia

All other countries will receive the shipment without Track and Trace.


*Regarding legality:

We are not responsible for your country’s laws and regulations, this is a gray market product in the Netherlands. We cannot help you in case of any trouble ordering of this product could cause.

Mushroom mycelium boxes DO NOT contain psilocybin, nor mushrooms.

ProviThor can legally ship this product, but has no knowledge or responsibility regarding your receiving and use of the product.

ONLY Magic Truffles have been categorized as a legal luxury food thus far and can be considered safe in this regard.



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