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Nutrient solution

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5ml / 10ml / 25ml sterile nutrient solution.

Perfectly suited for creating liquid mycelium cultures from spores.

This can significantly raise your chances of successful inoculation and subsequently, much larger, healthier magic mushroom harvests.

Alcohol pad for sterilization included.

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Nutrient solution for mycelium cultivation

Ideal for creating liquid mycelium cultures for magic mushrooms.

  • Liquid culture
  • Alcohol pad


The product

Mycelium can grow on either solid substrate, or in liquid nutrient solution.

The latter is faster and easier and opens up the possibility of later injecting it into substrate, which makes for a cleaner growing experience than injecting the spores directly.

The already formed mycelium then has a great advantage over any contamination.

This lowers the risk of unwanted other spores messing up your substrate.

The nutrient solution is sterile and can be used with any type of spores.


Preparing the mycelium cultivation

The nutrient solution can be inoculated with spores, without you first having to sterilize all the surroundings.

You’ll need:

  • Nutrient solution
  • Alcohol pad
  • Spore vial
  • Sterile syringe

Filling the syringe with the spores and sterile water is best done in a clean environment.

Use the alcohol pad to wipe off the top of the vial before inserting the syringe.


About nutrient solution

Once the solution has been injected with the spores, the liquid culture will start to grow.

Simply leave it in a shaded place at room temperature.

After some days (depending on the size of the vial and outside conditions), the liquid will be visibly grown through with mycelium.

Then it’s best to place it in the fridge, to slow down further growth and keep it fresh for as long as possible.

It is now ready to be used for inoculating solid substrate.



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