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Heimdall is the guardian of Asgard and his senses are supreme.

  • 15g/20g fresh magic truffles
  • Whole truffles, small size
  • Suitable for light / medium experiences

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Heimdall / Mexicana


Heimdall is a small, very compact and strikingly dark magic truffle variety.

This variety’s magic mushrooms, were famously analyzed by Albert Hofmann in 1958, leading to the discovery of psilocybin.

Alias: Psilocybe Mexicana, Pandora


The product

  • Is one of the oldest varieties
  • Often underestimated due to its small size
  • Goes down very nicely with e.g. salted nuts
  • Was first discovered in Mexico
  • Psilocyve Mexicana is the origin of R. Gordon Wasson’s article “Seeking the magic mushroom

Ways of packaging

The psychedelic effects

  • Heightened perception of all 5 senses
  • Often strong bouts of laughter
  • Very colorful visuals
  • Strongly relaxing body high
  • Strong emotions and catharsis
  • Temporary feeling of one-ness (“ego death”)


Keep in mind

  1. Never embark on a high dose experience in an unsafe environment.
  2. How well you chew can make or break your experience.

For extensive guidance and preparation, check our articles Set & Setting of a psychedelic experience

It is common for the onset of the experience to come with mild “side effects”.
You may feel:

  • Sensitivity to noise, light and cold
  • Dizziness
  • Upset stomach

These usually pass within 30-60 minutes and make way for the full visual and emotional, psychedelic impact.
Main active substances: Psilocybin, Serotonin, Baeocystin

Why Heimdall?

Heimdall is known as the “shining god” and famously watches over the rainbow bridge Bifrost between worlds.

The prowess of his senses surpasses all imagination; he hears the wool grow on sheep and can see for hundreds of miles.

Nowadays his name is mostly associated with watchfulness, foresight and the passage into different realms.


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    Good quality. As expected

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    Excellent delivery

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    Helped my reduce my intake of alcohol

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