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The Fenriswolf is an immensely powerful mythological being that is foretold to be Odin’s demise.

  • 15g/20g Live psychedelic truffles
  • Brand new variety, extra strong
  • Suitable for 2 people

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Fenris / Micromex


Fenris is a brand new psychedelic truffle variety and said to be twice as strong as others.

It is suitable for experienced psychonauts, or to be split between 2 or more people.

Fresh magic truffles must be stored cool and consumed as soon as possible after arrival.



The product

  • Is cultivated using a different substrate than other strains
  • Produces deeply spiritual and emotional experiences
  • Needs to be stored in the fridge
  • Is also suitable for microdosing, due to the small size of the truffles
  • Should be dried if intended for microdosing purposes


Psychedelic effects of Fenris

  • Heightened perception of all 5 senses
  • Strong connection to the unconscious
  • Strong emotions and catharsis
  • Deeper self-understanding and insight
  • Temporary feeling of one-ness (“ego death”)


Keep in mind

  1. Never embark on a high dose experience in an unsafe environment.
  2. How well you chew can make or break your experience.

For extensive guidance and preparation, check our article Set and Setting of a Psychedelic Experience

It is common for the onset of the experience to come with mild “side effects”.
You may feel:

  • Sensitivity to noise, light and cold
  • Dizziness
  • Upset stomach

These usually pass within 30-60 minutes and make way for the full visual and emotional impact.
Main active substances: Psilocybin, Serotonin, Baeocystin

Why Fenris?

The Fenriswolf is a gigantic wolf and son of Loki, which makes him a half god as well.

His strength terrifies even the Aesir gods, who keep him around only because Odin wants to keep an eye on him.

It is foretold by the seers that Fenris will be the one to kill Odin in the events of Ragnarok.

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  1. Sergei (verified owner)

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    Полное соответствие заявленному качеству.

    Склероции, к моменту получения посылки, покрылись густым белым пухом…

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