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Loki is the god of adventure and independence.

  • 15g fresh magic truffles
  • Whole truffles, medium size
  • Suitable for light / medium experiences

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Loki / Tampanensis


Loki is one of the oldest and most widely spread variety of all magic truffles.

It was discovered in the area of Tampa, Florida and produces sclerotia about the size of a hazelnut.

Alias: Psilocybe Tampanensis, Philosopher’s stones, Dutchii


The product

  • Is called Philosopher’s Stones for its great impact on verbal acuity
  • Very popular for first high dosing experiences
  • Was discovered in Florida in 1977 and has been reproduced ever since

Ways of packaging

Psychedelic effects of Loki

  • Heightened perception of all 5 senses
  • Strong amplification of language capacity
  • Improved pattern recognition in verbal and philosophical terms
  • Strong emotions and catharsis
  • Temporary feeling of one-ness (“ego death”)


Keep in mind

  1. Never embark on a high dose experience in an unsafe environment.
  2. How well you chew can make or break your experience.

For extensive guidance and preparation, check our article Set & Setting of a psychedelic experience

It is common for the onset of the experience to come with mild “side effects”.
You may feel:

  • Sensitivity to noise, light and cold
  • Dizziness
  • Upset stomach

These usually pass within 30-60 minutes and make way for the full visual and emotional, psychedelic impact.
Main active substances: Psilocybin, Serotonin, Baeocystin


Why Loki?

Loki is a shapeshifter and both feared and revered among the gods for his sharp mind and quick wit.

He values his freedom and is loyal to none but himself. Although untrustworthy at times, he is undoubtedly one of the smartest gods.

His bloodbrother Odin adores him for his cunning and seeks his advice and company.


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5 reviews for LOKI

  1. Renato (verified owner)

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    Delivery always comes in 5 working days or day earlier and customer service is excellent as well they can answer your questions with no time.

    For truffles if you want them for high dosing is always great to order then fresh and I ordered LOKI 20g fresh it was way more than I expected because I was doing microdosing for around two weeks at the time BUT taking fresh it’s very strong and LOKI it was strong for me OR because it was my first time to take high dose BUT we all react differentially so when it comes to truffles we are all different so try them all slowly slowly and find the right one for yourself.

    And most importantly for all of us ProviThor is EXCELLENT and HONEST company all around. Thank you ProviThor

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  2. Broc (verified owner)

    I bought the Loki for myself for my first trip and was upset to not feel a thing. I chewed for a long time and took 7.5. Then decided to each take a entire bag (15g) after 3 hours of not feeling a thing. I did not feel anything and am very disappointed with the product. DO NOT BUY.

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    • Lilli (store manager)

      Well, usually, it makes sense to read a bit in our blog and maybe ask or contact me. First of all, NEVER EVER take more later if it was not enough.
      7.5g fresh truffles for some are already a trip, but only for very sensitive people. For most that is far from enough. But, as soon as you took it, your body builds up “a tolerance” and taking more later might work a bit (not well) with magic mushrooms as they contain psilocin that acts faster. But it does not work with Magic Truffles.
      If the amount one took, is not enough, do something else and try again one week later. Then take more. Even 15g are not much, like about 2g dried cubensis mushrooms, but milder and slower “kicking” in. A dose most regards as psychedelic is 20g fresh. We will offer some “enhancers” soon.

      I’m sad if customers make not the experiences they wish for, but I think the main problem is that people do not understand that Magic Truffles do not work like “drugs” or alcohol, were one can take more and increase or prolongate the intoxication. That does not work with truffles as they have a natural protection that simply makes it impossible. Thus they are not addictive.

  3. Holly (verified owner)

    I have bought this twice. Both times getting fresh truffles in ziplock bags, placing them immediately in the fridge upon arrival, eating within a few days, and chewing each truffle very thoroughly. The first time – I ate 10 grams at once, any visual effects were very mild, though it did have a considerable impact on my mood. The second time – the truffles smelled very ‘fruity’ upon arrival, I could smell them through the packaging. I ate 25 grams at once and experienced roughly the same as when I ate 10 grams. Note – three weeks passed between doses. I’m going to guess either I am extremely insensitive to psilocybin, or the truffles just don’t do very well in the mail. I live in the UK and delivery took roughly one week both times. Sadly, I’m giving up on truffles now.

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    • Lilli (store manager)

      I’m sad to read that. Did you chew the 25g well and long time. Some minutes? (Use potato chips to fix the taste for high amounts to be able to chew really long.

      If there is not much difference, it usually stems from the fact that the truffle cells are hard and resistant and if the digestive system must digest them with intact cells, it goes slowly and there is no substance-peak. This peak is essential for starting the trip. Without that peak it like microdosing with a lot more and usually has not nice effects, but creates triedness and annoyance.

    • Lilli (store manager)

      Hi Lilli, I left a 2-star review for the product Loki at the start of September. Given it is my own body that was the problem, and not your product, I now feel bad for leaving it. If you have the capacity to remove the review, please do.

  4. Morabit (verified owner)

    Delivery super fast

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  5. Antares Satinet-Holmes (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried the truffles yet. Just reviewing the service of ProviThor shipping to UK. Arrived so quickly, within 1 week! Even when I accidentally clicked no tracking, it still arrived safely and packaged brilliantly. I’ve been a difficult customer with hundreds of questions which customer service have been fantastic at helping me with, very in depth detailed answers and replied to all of my messages quickly. Would recommend this company to everyone considering purchasing. 100% customer satisfaction

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