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Ragnarok, often interpreted as “twilight of the gods”, includes not only the end of the old world, but also the new beginning.

During a great battle, all conflicts in the world of the gods escalate and oppressive seething hostilities are suppressed. At the same time, the world of people is first hit by winter, then a conflagration, then a flood and finally the sun is devoured.

After all the old has been erased from the earth, there is room for a new beginning.

Ragnarok stands above all for the balance of chaos and order, which creates a balance that allows the reborn Odin to create the new world, fruitful and full of potential.

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The Thortruffle variety Ragnarök (pronounced: Rug-nah-rock) produces the largest truffles of all.

In a course of 12 months, they grow up to the size of a chicken egg, so they must be cut before packaging.

Their outside is dark brown, while they are much lighter on the inside.

Psychedelic effects

For their high potency, Ragnarok Thortruffles taste surprisingly mild, compared to other strains. This could lead inexperienced psychonauts to underestimate their strength.

Don’t let the soft colors and shapes fool you; Ragnarok, The twilight of the gods can cause conditions under which no stone is left standing.

According to their name, they are ideal for dealing with past conflicts. They often facilitate restoring the balance between chaos and order.

inner cleansing, new beginning, balance


It is also important to mind the set and setting. This includes external circumstances, but also your attitude! It is advisable to start the trip in a safe environment (e.g. at home).

Negative emotions are not the end of the world. It is important to accept and understand them. This is the quickest way to work past them. Resistance breeds stress. There is also little point in denying what comes from within.

By the way: The expression “bad trip” comes from the world of LSD. It has no place in talking about truffles. There are neither flashbacks nor the risk of “getting stuck”. Whatever you experience, it’s over after 6 hours.
What remains is the memory. Unlike with alcohol, it is usually crystal clear.




Ragnarök Thortruffles are especially well suited for…

Ragnarök can be portioned as desired and is therefore suitable for both strong and milder trips. Inexperienced psychonauts are advised to take it easy on their first experience with this strain and not eat more than half a pack.

Before using for high dosing, the truffles needs to be soaked in liquid for 6-12 hours. Please check the instructions in the package! For psychedelic effects: you must chew very well!


A bit of background knowledge: What is Ragnarök?

(During Ragnarok, the enemies of the gods will sail into battle on the world‘s largest ship, fashioned from the finger- and toenails of the dead. That was new to us as well….)


Similar varieties:Thor, Odin

Sometimes, when cells of the Thortruffles get bruised, they stain blue. This stems from the interaction of a natural enzyme with the substance psilocybin. Thus, this is not a sign of faulty production or a bad product, but rather a natural occurence and sign of their potency.


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    not strong

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    Really enjoyed the experience! Thank you

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    Was a pleasant trip 🙂 i will order again!

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