Substrate – nutrient liquid (sterile)

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Sterile substrate, perfect for growing your own magic mushrooms from scratch.

Contains: A special blend of grains and vermiculite

Substrate is for mushrooms, what potting soil is for plants.

Set includes Sterile nutrient solution.

You need spores and syringes.

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Sterile substrate

Sterile substrate, not inocculated, with special growbag and nutrient solution (sterile).


The product

This substrate is a presterilized, tried and proven mix that magic mushrooms love.

The sterile substrate does not contain any spores or mycelia, but needs to be inocculated with a liquid culture. The sterile nutrient solution to inocculate with spores is part of the set.

Sterilizing substrate for growing your own magic mushrooms at home can be a huge challenge – this is the shortcut.

Store the box in the fridge until inocculation and never open the box, or it loses sterility!


Substrate inoculation

The cleaner your surroundings are, the better your chances of creating a successful, contamination-free myco-culture.

  • clean injection site of the sterilized substrate and liquid culture
  • With a sterilized syringe, Retract 10ml from the liquid culture
  • Inject suspension, through the injection site of the kit
  • (Optional: Close the injection site off with a drop of hot glue)
  • Shake the box around to spread the liquid culture in the substrate
  • store the kit in a dark place with temperature between 23°C and 27°C


Mycelium will start to grow and gradually take over the whole box.

Depending on your room temperature, this can take 2-3 weeks.


Growing Magic Mushrooms

The more thoroughly you let it grow over all of the substrate, the larger and stronger the organism is and the better it will resist the inevitable contamination once you open the box to start growing mushrooms.

Once the mycelium has taken over all of the substrate, you can carefully pop open the lid and put the box in the special grow bag that is included in this product.

You need spores and 1 or 2 sterile syringes.

Be sure to also download and read the growing instructions.



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