Microdosing XP truffles are cleaned carefully after the harvest and then packed with high-end vacuum equipment. By this procedure we make sure that they are alive and fresh.

Keep cool

   4 – 8ºC  – Stored in the fridge they stay usable for months.

19 – 24ºC  –You can keep them at room temperature in a dark place, if you do not have a fridge at hand. They stay usable for some weeks.

-21 to -6ºC – You can store them inside a freezer, but de-frozen truffles should be eaten soon and not re-frozen.


  • Store them in the fridge once they arrive at your doorstep. Normal delivery does not harm them.
  • Try swallowing them whole with water or juice.
  • Mix them into a smoothie.
  • Experiment with dosage responsibly. Start with 1 dose per day, but if you feel like that’s not enough, try one and a half, maybe two spread throughout the day (e.g. 1 with breakfast, 1 in the afternoon.)


  • Expose the blisters to direct sunlight
  • Cook the truffles (they will lose their potency)
  • Think “these don’t work because I don’t feel anything” and chug blisters until you feel an immediate effect. Microdosing XP is supposed to be sub-perceptual.

For more info, please read on in our FAQ section, or check our Microdosing XP page!

Shipping options


without track and trace at the risk of the customer, but low price.

Shipping time:

  • EU: 3-10 working days
  • Europe outside EU: 5-15 working days
  • USA & Canada: 5-15 working days
  • rest of the world: 5-35 working days

The order will be delivered to your post box or PO box.

DHL Standard shipping with Track n Trace

  • UK: 5 workdays
  • USA & Canada: 8 days
  • Australia: 10 days


with track and trace

Shipping time:

  • within EU: 1-3 working days
  • outside EU: 1-5 working days

Delivery only to addresses (no PO box) and it must be signed for. The telephone number of the receiver is mandatory.