are cleaned carefully after the harvest and then packed with a special food-packaging-machine. By this proceedure it is made sure that they stay alive and fresh.

   4 – 8ºC  – Stored in the fridge they stay usable for months.

19 – 24ºC  –You can keep them at room temperature in a dark place, if you do not have a fridge at hand. They stay usable for some weeks.

-21 to -6ºC – You can store them inside a freezer, but de-frozen thortruffles should be eaten soon and not re-frozen.

The normal delivery does not harm them.

Direct sunlight and heat can kill the thortruffles and must be avoided!

Shipping – Letter

without track and trace at the risk of the customer, but low price.

Shipping time:

  • EU: 3-10 working days
  • Europe outside EU: 5-15 working days
  • USA & Canada: 5-15 working days
  • rest of the world: 5-35 working days

The order will be delivered to your post box or PObox.

DHL Standard shipping with Track n Trace

  • UK: 5 workdays
  • USA & Canada: 8 days
  • Australia: 10 days

Shipping – Express

with track and trace

Shipping time:

  • within EU: 1-3 working days
  • outside EU: 1-5 working days

Delivery only to adresses (no PObox) and it must be signed for. The telephone number of the receiver is mandatory.

We appreciate ratings as well as profound microdosing-reports from our customers!

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Showing all 2 results