Ways of packaging

Ways of packaging

We offer the truffles packed in two different ways:

  1. Vacuumed
  2. Alive, in a zip-lock bag
  3. in a drying bag, losing water and weight as time passes

Alive, in a zip-lock bag

This is the freshest and most natural way, except for microdosing. The truffles are filled into a zip lock, they are alive and have some air to breathe. They can survive for weeks even during uncooled transportation, but should be stored in the fridge after they arrive. The ziplock can be open and closed a few times, but using them for microdosing this way is not recommended, as too much opening and closing the same bag promotes contamination.

Unfortunately, this way works well only if thereis a minimum amount of truffles in the zip lock. We offer it for our 50g-packs.

If you want to use the truffles for both high dosages and microdosing, but have not opted for shipping them inside the drying bag, that’s still possible. Just use a scale to measure 1g portions and fill the live truffles from the ziplock they arrived in into clean, smaller zip lock bags. Close them and store them all in fridge. Overall, shipping & storing time of 2-3 months is no problem.
Please be aware: alive truffles grow the magic mold, the mycelium, white fluffy filaments coming out of the truffles. They are just as edible as the truffles and a sign of life. Alive truffles have the best taste. For high dosing: chew well!

In a drying bag

This means that we fill the fresh truffles into a teabag and put it into a cloth bag when packing your parcel. The truffles then dry naturally and smoothly during the transport to you. This method is especially useful for microdosing (i.e. Mimir) the truffles become very durable and can be used for years. In case they are still soft and not completly dry when they arrive, simply store them in the bag they come with in a warm dry place.

However, this packaging method only really makes sense for microdosing, as such truffles are stone hard and cannot be chewed. Simply swallowing them does not create a substance peak and thus no “trip”.

To use air-dried truffles in dry out bag for high dosing, it needs some preparation, soaking or extraction with DMSO. Please check the instructions-page (15P) on our website to get more informatation about how to prepare dry truffles for high dosing.
This method is best for microdosing, as swallowing air-dried truffles creates a retarding effect, the substances are released into the body slowly – and the truffles can be stored easily at a dry place (can be warm, never in a closed container, always airly) for more than one year.

The standard: vacuum-sealed truffles

Vacuum-sealed magic truffles is the Dutch-standard packaging, best for smaller amounts in the bag.

In vacuum bags, the truffles cannot breathe, so they slowly suffocate and disintegrate, but contamination cannot take over as well. Keeping them cold slows this process down, so cooling is important.

All 1g-bags are only delivered vacuumed to prevent contamincation and should be used up within 1-2 months and stored only in the fridge.