Why people are microdosing

Why people are microdosing


the microdosing feeling

“Increased overall feelings of well being, helped my reduce my intake of alcohol

Blake, 06.10.2020

“For me the best way to treat my depression.”

Anonymous, 04.10.2020

“Felt fine. Very relaxed. No visual changes.”

Maik, 22.09.2020

“Found it to be a subtle yet effective shift feeling a greater sense of clarity daily. Would say my focus bettered and I felt a lot more open and at ease.”

Anonymous, 30.08.2020

“In increasing the dosis from 1 to 2 and finally to 3 portions I am getting remarkably good results. I can still follow my normal life without any „symptoms“ but with great pleasure and a big smile.”

Klaus, 31.08.2020

“For thousands of years we have known that medicinal mushrooms can have a tonic effect on the body that help improve physical and emotional health. They can act as prebiotics to help improve gut health, reduce depression and anxiety, fight cancer and improve cognitive acuity and memory. They also have important anti-inflammatory effects that are key to helping heal both physical and mental health problems.”

Noah, 26.08.2020

Microdosing psychedelic truffles are very effective. Trust me. I am microdosing for a month now and still enjoying the good effects of it. I usually do microdose because I want to relax and clear my mind from the chaotic world. And also, these help me to improve my mode and be able to focus on certain things.”

Deborah, 21.08.2020

Subtle but calming I will have to continue to see results for my anxiety but I am feeling hopeful

Ashley, 04.08.2020

The biggest problem is that we don’t know what we don’t know.
You may have problems that you don’t even know about, so don’t be surprised when these truffles show you these problems and help you address them.

I suffered from chronic back pain for over two years and I literally tried everything western medicine has to offer. Then I figured out that the pain was stress-related. So I took Marijuana and it helped a lot, but right when the effect of THC went away, the back pain came back.

I was very skeptic of the efficacy of these truffles with regards to helping with any physical form of pain. However, one gram of truffles was literally enough to get rid of the pain for over 5 days. I then micro-dosed for around two weeks (2 days on, 2 days off) and back pain became something of the past.

The efficacy of magic truffles is undeniable. I definitely recommend it. It will help you in ways you weren’t even aware of.

Anas, 28.07.2020

“THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE, this is my own experience and it is only with the right support of my friends, family and work arrangements that I’ve succeeded!
First off, there’s no “high” for any of you haters out there… all I can explain is how different I feel: I am more positive, my thoughts are less negative and I’m far more in control of the wild pack or dogs that is my mind, usually running wild causing me much anxiety! Now with the microdosing I’m awake earlier, alert and motivated, and have a far more productive day being able to focus on one task at a time getting more accomplished in my day! I’m more creative and am actually making headway in a non fiction book for the first time I can remember!
I also don’t think about smoking weed all the time either – I had a problem with it, smoking for breakfast even, and now I haven’t touched a joint for a month! I haven’t been able to do this in the last 5 years!
And most important of all, I’m off bipolar meds which I started 8 years ago. I’ve tried coming off them before and failed, many times, but somehow this time I feel comfort, a better connection with my spiritual self and I’m more loving and grateful… I can’t begin to explain to you how this has changed my life! Might not be for everyone, but it sure is worth a try!
DO NOT STOP YOUR MEDS, I might just be lucky, but I’ve also cut out sugar, fizzy drinks, chocolate, crisps… “

Patrick, 20.07.2020

“Perfect, got rid of bad old habits, creating new healthy ones.. in the now”

Markie, 06.07.2020

“I am very thankful: They help me a lot in concentrating (elderly woman with leftovers from a ADHD) I will continue to use them.”

Hanna, 03.07.2020

“It worked really fine for me. The microdosing supports my normal daily activities and helps me to find a calmy flow and to feel connected. The effect is almost not noticeable and close to reality so that i learn to integrate this flow in my normal days. It also helped me to smoke less and be more in nature.
What I like most of the kit is, that I know exactly how much one dosis effects me. So I get a safe feeling.
I am just not sure if it makes sense to take it one day after another because I think then it looses its effect.

Kai, 28.06.2020

“At 1gr per day is very gentle… yet no question it has an impact. I can more notice the light body sensations or shifts in mood when having a day off. At 2gr per day it becomes rather intense, emotionally liberating. Warmly recommended.”

Dan, 15.06.2020

“I‘m so powerful and focused. I never thought that I would feel so well. Also my Asthma is gone on the microdosing days. Thank you!”

Heike, 02.06.2020

“It makes you calmer, energetically more aware and you might love nature more. I also sweat less. Only I was a bit sickly when I ate breakfast right after taking the microdosis. The delivery was outstandingly fast. Would recommend.”

Anonymous, 31.05.2020

“Microdosing is a new and so far very positive experience for me. I‘ve been doing it for a few weeks now and I felt the subtle effects within the first few days. I feel a confidence and clearness, that I didn‘t feel in a long time, and I am braver when it comes to initiating and sticking to new projects! I was honestly surprised. The taste is not my thing but totally worth it!”

Christian, 07.05.2020

“After the first week of trying out the truffles I’m really amazed. I feel more concentrated and university courses that really twisted my head seem to be more feasible (I’m studying statistics and sometimes the maths with its proofs confused me). For me even little less than the pre-portioned amount suffices because with a whole portion the psychedelic effects are too dominant. But this might differ individually I suppose. The truffles are also a really nice supplement when you are meditating. At least I had a deeper experience.
At the end I also want to highlight the great, professional service provided by Provithor. Thank you!”

Marcus, 29.04.2020

“I’ve been microdosing for about two weeks now and I’m loving it! Microdosing is helping me stay focused and my overall mental well-being has improved. Especially during the quarantine microdosing is helping a lot with staying positive and getting my work done.”

Maurits, 24.04.2020

“Tried it against heavy anxiety disorder and it worked the way like nothing else before. I am so excited about finally something real. Made a break to see how my day goes without it and it still was pretty good. I assume that maybe it suits not to everyone but it worth a try definitely.”

Vlad, 22.04.2020

“I have to say, I was a bit skeptical when I heard about this truffels, but thought: „Okay, let’s give it a try.“ And now I’m really happy about it. This truffels give you a perfect start into the day with a really nice body feeling. I can highly recommend this truffles to everyone who’s interested in microdosing.”

Eduard, 14.04.2020

“I am 80 years old and have been eating your truffles for two months now. In the beginning, its pleasant effect was barely noticeable, but now I feel a lot more zest for life and develop more initiative. Such as I’m not really afraid of corona infection right now.
I will definitely continue to take this medicine.”

Axel, 13.04.2020

“It took some trials to get accustomed and find the right dose and routine, but the reward is that I’ve just had I great morning. I’ve been collecting thoughts and writing them down all morning, 3.000 words by now. That is one of the states I was looking for.”

Alexander, 11.04.2020

“… Magic truffles have helped my depression, general anxiety and social anxiety in a way antidepressants have never been able to do. I would urge countries who classify psilocybin as a dangerous drug with no medicinal benefits to open their eyes and take the research seriously.”

Lewis, 09.04.2020

“I really enjoyed microdosing. It got me way more creative as music artist and it also has brighten up my overall mood. I became a lot more productive and focused which is awesome! I would recommend this to everyone who wants to feel a bit more europhic and also focused. Definitly had a great experience” 🙂

Niklas, 03.04.2020

“I microdose once a week and I am very happy with it, 1st hour after taking the dose my body has to adapt to the change/unease it gives but after that hour I feel very happy, relax my mind and easily generate new ideas and i laugh a lot. My vision, smell and feeling becomes better and the next day I am still enjoying the after effects. For me a full dose of mushrooms is too heavy so microdosing is perfect because I totally believe in most natural medicine so do my friends.”

Joshua, 03.04.2020

I’m halfway in my second week now and so far I feel AWESOME!! Hope this isn’t just a beginning thing, no problem whatsoever with brainfog anymore, cut my use of coffee and red bull in half (actually no red bull for days now) Thanks!

Lawrence, 19.02.2020